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Bed Bug Chemical Treatment in Vancouver

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Understanding Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

We understand that bed bugs can pose a serious risk to your health, hygiene and personal well-being. Whether the problem is in your home, where family is critical, or in your business such as a hotel or motel – Pesticon have a comprehensive chemical treatment to rid you of the bed bug problem.

100% Safe and Compliant with Government Standards!

Chemical treatment is the most commonly used method of bed bug extermination. Pesticon is very experienced with eradicating bed bugs using the chemical treatment method, and this method, of course, comes with our industry-leading 6-month guarantee on our work. We guarantee that we will rid your Vancouver home or business of bed bugs for at least 6 months, or we will return at no extra cost to you to finish the job!

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most commonly used substances for the eradication of bed bug infestations. Pyrethrins are plant-based insecticides that are made from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroids are synthetic chemical pesticides that mimic the properties of pyrethrins. Bed bugs hate both of these substances, and when exposed to these chemicals bedbugs often flee their hiding places and in many cases die. Some bed bugs have developed a resistance to these compounds, however, and in some cases, combination chemical treatments are required to make sure that all of the bed bugs have been eliminated. Here at Pesticon, we have spent years studying these chemicals so you don’t have to.




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Say goodbye to bed bugs, experience the difference!

The pesticide product we use for chemical bed bug treatment is environmentally safe and is non-toxic to humans and household pets. Our technicians spend 4-6 hours or more seeking out all of the locations bed bugs hide in your home, including mattresses, furniture, walls, and baseboards, etc. Due to the high level of experience, our technicians have attained over the course of thousands of house calls, we are confident that we can get rid of these pests on our first and only visit.

We do a thorough analysis of your home or business when carrying out services for bed bugs, our goal is to make sure that we exterminate the problem completely and that there is zero chance of the infestation returning. Customer experience is key for us, the best way to make sure it is great is to be fantastic at our job!

Our treatment is very thorough and we offer a guarantee on our work – for us, revisiting a customer with a bed bug problem is a highly rare thing. Regardless of the scale of the problem Pesticon have been removing bed bugs from all kinds of settings. We have done apartments, small to large houses, motels, and even hotels. This means we have a lot of experience in making sure that your bed bug problem goes away. We can confidently say that we are the best bed bug removal service in Vancouver.

Contact us for a free consultation if you require bed bugs exterminated from your home, apartment, condominium, hotel, motel, apartment or any other type of residential or commercial property.


General Information

Bed bugscan be one of the most troublesome pests to handle, particularly as it can be difficult to identify them if you don’t know the signs of a bed bug infestation. These bugs enter your home by accident by hitching a ride on luggage, sleeping bags, and other such objects.

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Bed bugs are a risk to home and business. The bites are unpleasant to say the least, and the idea of bed bugs can be revolting. If you would like an alternative to the chemical treatment, Heat Treatment is a new and innovative bed bug elimination technique that Pesticon has mastered so we can better serve our customers.

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