5 Signs that you may have bed bugs

Your last vacation was a dream come true. The family enjoyed an extended stay in the warm Bahamas and are just home getting back into the routine.

And after a few weeks, you are waking up each night feeling that something is amiss. You can see red bite marks on your body and that’s when you realize that you may have had company on the way back home.

Bed Bugs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare come true. These tiny persistent critters often piggyback on luggage, clothing and anything else that they can and silently enter your home looking for a nook or a crevice that is called ‘harborage’ in bed bug terminology.

Within a few weeks’ time, they’d have multiplied, using every opportunity they can to feast on your blood. That sounds gross. But that’s how they thrive.

What makes things more complicated is that you can never be sure that you have a bed bug infestation unless you seek advice from a professional Bed bugs removal company Vancouver.

Bed bug bites look almost like any other insect bite and bed bugs are rarely visible until the infestation has reached an astronomical level.

If you have unexplained bite marks on your body and you suspect that it could be a bed bug problem, then here are five signs that you need to watch out for, that more or less confirms the presence of these infuriating bugs in your home.

Blood Stains

If you use light colored sheets and pillow covers, then you might start to notice mysterious dark spots that result from blood stains. However, the chances of this occurring is rare, since these crawlies are extremely fast and may well leave the sheet before they excrete. Stains may also be seen on walls, furniture and clothes.


Another ominous sign is dark clusters of bed bug poo, typically near the mattress seam, under the covers, the edges of the wall and behind the headboard. If the clusters have not dried, it will smear if you wipe it with a towel since it is nothing but partly digested blood. However, if it has dried, then it will appear black or rusty in color.


What makes bed bugs so difficult to tackle and exterminate is that they lie hidden and dormant throughout the day and emerge from their hideouts at night to feast on the blood of the host. It often takes a Bed Bug removal Vancouver service to spot and eliminate the bed bug problem completely. Especially, if you have started to notice bed bug clusters which is basically, a group of bedbugs hanging together. Some of the places where you can expect to spot clusters is along mattress seams, baseboards and corners.

The Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Bedbug bites may often be in a line of three. Experts call this the ‘Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner’ bites. This is considered by Bed Bugs removal Vancouver companies as one of the signs that you may not be bitten by a mosquito as you think.


5 Signs that you may have bed bugs Last but not the least, if you notice an empty exoskeleton that looks like a translucent bedbug with nothing inside, then its probably their skin or molt, which they shed almost five times during their lifecycle. The presence of molt is an indication of a severe bed bug infestation and you must consider Bed bugs heat treatment in your home immediately.


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