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the consequences of ignoring pest problems in industrial facilities

The Consequences of Ignoring Pest Problems in Industrial Facilities

Regarding the well-being of industrial facilities, pests are both unwelcome visitors and potentially devastating problems. But while they’re usually relatively small compared to the machinery and equipment which runs the facility, their effect can be much more severe than you might initially think – because when left unaddressed, pest infestations can quickly spiral out of…

industrial pest control 101 what you need to know

Industrial Pest Control 101: What You Need to Know

When you own a business, keeping pests away is an absolute must. Not only can their presence be incredibly damaging to your products and equipment, but it also sends the wrong message to customers – one of neglect or unhygienic practices. That’s why understanding industrial pest control is so important; being proactive will keep costly…

3 odd places spiders might hide in your house

3 Odd Places Spiders Might Hide in Your House

Spiders are skilled concealers and can squirm their way into various odd spaces, many of which we may never consider! In the crevices of your home, spiders are not unusual, but what about all the areas you can’t usually see? Ready for a bit of exploration? Then read on as we uncover all the strange…

why your movie theater in vancouver needs pest control services

Why Your Movie Theater in Vancouver Needs Pest Control Services

Going to the movies is traditionally an enjoyable experience – from getting snacks to taking in a film on the big screen, it’s no surprise why people repeatedly flock to their local theatres. Pests can quickly turn this fun outing into a nightmare for theatre-goers and staff alike. By implementing pest control services at your…

4 steps you should take to make your home pest free before selling

4 Steps You Should Take To Make Your Home Pest-Free Before Selling

Nobody wants to buy a home that has inconspicuous visitors, like pests. Unfortunately, they are often encountered when purchasing a property or trying to sell one. The good news is that you can take doable actions immediately to keep your house pest-free before putting it up for sale.  Whether you’re dealing with ants, rodents, flies,…

carpenter ants all you need to know

Carpenter Ants: All You Need To Know

Although carpenter ants have plagued homes for many years, there is still much false information. Most individuals need help knowing where to begin when dealing with carpenter ant infestations, whether due to uncertainty about how they enter houses, the damage they may cause, or how to keep them away. In this blog post, we will…

pesticide use in commercial agriculture concerns and solutions

Pesticide Use in Commercial Agriculture: Concerns and Solutions

Pesticide use in commercial agriculture has been an ongoing concern for the agricultural industry and consumers worldwide. Pesticides are substances used to kill or control unwanted pests, weeds, and other plant diseases; however, these chemicals can pose several threats to people’s health and our environment when used inaccurately. From increased risks of cancer due to…

organic gardening and pest control natural alternatives to pesticides

Organic Gardening and Pest Control: Natural Alternatives to Pesticides

Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular among gardeners of all skill levels. While it can be challenging and takes a bit of extra effort to maintain, the outcome – healthy vegetables, lush flowers and a sustainable ecosystem that only comes with organic gardening – makes every ounce of effort worthwhile. But one reason many aspiring…

pesticides to use or not to use

Pesticides – to use or not to use?

Pesticides continue to be controversial, with implications for the environment and human health. While pesticides can be a helpful tool for farmers and agricultural companies, research has suggested that some may cause cancer or even lead to congenital disabilities if misused. So the question remains: should we use pesticides or go another route when fighting…

4 rodent holes youre likely to find in your vancouver home and what to do about them

4 Rodent Holes You’re Likely to Find in Your Vancouver Home – and What to Do about Them

Rodents are sneaky critters! They can sneak into your home during the cold winter months and make their way to places you wouldn’t normally expect, like behind walls, cabinets, and even under floors. Not only do they leave droppings behind for you to clean up – but they have been known to cause structural damage.…

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