How to Identify Fleas in Your Home in Vancouver

The flea is a small pest that feeds on the blood of its host. Often, they bite an animal for blood, causing irritation as they bite for blood. The pets in the household can carry fleas they pick up outside or from other animals into the house.

The three main places to inspect if you suspect your pet has fleas are your home, your property, and the pet itself. Knowing where fleas live and where infestations occur will help you target your flea treatments accordingly.

Ensure Your Pet is Flea-Free

Symptoms of flea infestations include frequent scratching, restlessness, shaking heads, and hair loss.

You will need the following items to check your pet for fleas:

  • Comb for removing fleas
  • Soapy water in a bowl

Slowly comb your pet’s fur. Examine the comb for flea dirt and live fleas after every stroke. Dispose of any fleas that have been captured in the bowl of soapy water. Put the dirt in the soapy water even if you are unsure whether it is flea dirt. The dirt will turn red if it has fleas on it.

Infested animals can have adult fleas and flea feces. Ensure that the pet has been checked on the neck, groin, around leg folds, and the base of their tail.

Several flea control products are available for pets with fleas. 

Home Inspection

Your home should also be checked for fleas if your pet has fleas. The earlier you spot an infestation, the cheaper the treatment will be.

For a flea inspection, you will need:

  • Flashlight
  • A pair of white socks
  • Soapy water in a bowl

Check the following areas for fleas:

Look inside your pet’s crate or bed closely for flea dirt in the bedding and to see if there are any live fleas present. Put the dirt in soapy water if you are not sure if it is flea dirt or not when inspecting your pet. Flea dirt turns red.

Check the upholstery of your furniture and any other places where your pet may sleep for fleas

If you have a carpet or rug, slowly shuffle your feet over it while wearing a pair of white socks. Check the socks and carpet with your flashlights after several seconds to see if there are live fleas. If you find any, place them into the bowl of soapy water.

Check Your Yard

It is likely that your pet picked up fleas from your yard if they have fleas. The first step towards flea prevention is finding the fleas. For your pet not to become infected again, you will need to treat outdoors.

To check for fleas in your yard, you will need:

  • Flashlight
  • A pair of tall white socks
  • A pair of shoes you are not afraid to get dirty

While wearing white socks and shoes, wander through your yard’s moist, shady areas. Check your socks every few seconds with a flashlight for live fleas. Look in the following places:

  • A place where your pet plays or rests outdoors
  • Among and under trees and bushes
  • Decks and porches
  • Whenever leaf debris accumulates

Call a Flea Exterminator

One of the best things you can do to exterminate fleas from your home in Vancouver is to call a professional pest control company. It’ll save you time and money, and you can rest assured that the fleas are completely eradicated. To know more about flea extermination, contact us, and we’ll help you with your pest problem.

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