How to keep your kids safe from mosquitos and other pests

Parents make a conscious and continual effort to safeguard the health of their children. Medications are locked away. Harsh chemicals are kept out of reach. The house is baby-proofed. But what about the pests and bugs which can invade your home potentially exposing your children to dangerous diseases?

In recent times, there has been a lot of hue and cry over children’s exposure to pesticides. This calls for an urgent need to monitor the pest repellants that are sold over the counter and are rampantly used around the house.

If you have a pest invasion, it pays to be informed and aware of the various options you have to control and mitigate the effects, without exposing your children to harmful chemicals.

Here are some ways to ensure that you keep pests out of the house without using pesticides.


Rodents are the most common pests that can gain entry into your home through tiny crevices. One of the most effective rodent control strategies is to seal all entry and exit points into your home. Please remember that all it takes is the hole the size of a quarter for a rat to enter your home. So you have to be diligent in finding and eliminating possible entry points. If despite your best efforts, you are unable to find the source of the infestation, then speak to a Pest control company in Vancouver, that specializes in Rodent control.

Ants and Roaches

Ants and roaches are among the toughest of pest infestations to control and almost always, demand professional solutions. But one of the easiest ways to control an infestation is to cut out their food supply. Clean up spills of food, crumbs and leftovers immediately. Rinse your drink containers before you dispose them off. Wipe off the ants and the ant trail with soapy water. If you are unable to find their nest, then contact an Ant removal Vancouver company to know about controlled baits for ant infestations.


Mosquito bites can be reduced by following some simple rules. Check your premises for stagnant water and eliminate any sources. Screen your doors and windows to restrict entry and keep the children dressed in long sleeved shirts and pants when they are playing outdoors. You can also contact a Pest control company Vancouver to know more details about non-pesticide methods to control mosquitoes.


How to keep your kids safe from mosquitos and other pests

If you have pets that spend time outdoors, chances are that fleas might gain access to your home. If you let the grass or weeds grow uninhibited in your lawn, then it may become a breeding ground for flees. Keep the lawn trimmed since fleas like to harbor in places that are not directly exposed to sunlight. Reduce your pet’s access to such areas. If your pet is just back home after a walk outdoors, then groom them using flea combs. If despite using all these measures, you still find fleas in the home, then seek professional help from an Insect removal Vancouver company.


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