why do you need a termite inspection by a pest control company

Why do You Need a Termite Inspection by a Pest Control Company?

Termites can be a significant problem for homeowners due to the amount of damage they can cause. They’ve become increasingly common in many parts of the world and potentially cause massive property damage if left unchecked. Termites can eat through wood, causing structural damage or decreasing a home’s value. In addition, they’re capable of damaging…

7 things to do before buying your house to keep it pest free

7 Things to do Before Buying Your House to Keep it Pest-Free

When you buy your first home, you want to ensure everything is perfect. You’ll likely have visions of a white picket fence and a perfect lawn in your head. However, before you can worry about the aesthetics of your home, you need to ensure it’s free from pests. Why Should You Make Sure Your House…

keeping your warehouse safe from pests during the winter holidays

Keeping Your Warehouse Safe From Pests During the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays can be a time of increased activity in your warehouse as you prepare for seasonal demand. Unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to overlook potential problems caused by pests. To ensure your warehouse stays pest-free during this busy season, there are a few preventive measures you should take. Keep…

how to avoid and treat bee stings in vancouver

How to Avoid and Treat Bee Stings in Vancouver

Bees are small, flying insects that play an important role in the ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and help to spread pollen, which is necessary for the reproduction of plants. However, depending on their location, bees can also be a nuisance or a danger. In Vancouver, there are several ways to avoid and treat bee stings.…

5 tips to make sure pests dont ruin your christmas

5 Tips to Make Sure Pests Don’t Ruin Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. It’s a time for gifts, eggnog, and relaxation. The last thing you want is for this time to be ruined. You’ve waited an entire year for this. What can ruin your Christmas? Among other things, pests. Pests can quickly turn it into a nightmare. From rodents…

how to keep your restaurant safe from pests in vancouver this winter

How to Keep Your Restaurant Safe From Pests in Vancouver This Winter

Winter is the time of year when pests like rats and cockroaches start looking for a warm place to stay. And that place often happens to be your restaurant. To keep your restaurant safe from these pests, it’s important to take some preventative steps. Here are four tips for keeping your restaurant pest-free this winter.…

what pests can haunt your homes this winter in canada

What Pests Can Haunt Your Homes This Winter in Canada

Although pests can be a nuisance all year long, they can be particularly problematic in winter. This is because they are looking for warm places to shelter, and your home is perfect for them. In addition, many pests are attracted to food sources that are more common in winters, such as crumbs and pet food.…

how to keep your house pest free all winter long in vancouver

How to Keep Your House Pest-Free All Winter Long in Vancouver?

Like every season have its own joys and problems, winter comes with its own set of pests that can make your life difficult. While some of these pests are merely a nuisance, others can pose serious health risks to you and your family. During icing season, removing the ice isn’t eh only chore on your…

why residential pest control is important for your home in vancouver

Why Residential Pest Control Is Important For Your Home in Vancouver?

The shortest answer to this question is definitely Yes! No matter what kind or type, pest control is essential in today’s homes. Pests have been known to spread disease, contaminate food, and damage property. People who opt for professional pest control companies never face any problems with pests in their homes. Pest control companies have…

what to do if you found a tick in vancouver

What To Do If You Found A Tick In Vancouver?

Picture this: You’re out for a hike on one of Vancouver’s many beautiful trails. You have taken a break to enjoy the view and have a snack. Suddenly, you feel something crawling on your skin. You brush it away only to find a small, dark tick latched onto your flesh. Your first reaction might be…

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