X Types of Wasps That Need Removal In and Around Vancouver

Wasps around your property can be devastating. When you have a wasp nest in your backyard, you can not just go and remove it without any safety unless you have some superpowers to vanish it. The wasps are dangerous as they can sting multiple times, unlike the bees. On top of that, the sting is painful. Even a single wasp can be fatal sometimes.

Two types of waps are common in Vancouver for causing a lot of damage to your house. These are the wood wasps and horntail wasps. When you have any wasps on your property, and you suspect that there could be a nest somewhere near your property, you need to take action as soon as possible for the wasp removal to prevent problems later on because of the wasps infestation.

This article will discuss all the details about the wasp’s damage to your house and the early signs of wasps.

Let’s get started.

Can Wasps damage your home? 

As we have said earlier, the wood wasps and the horntail wasps are the two common species that cause a lot of damage to your house. You need to be extra careful when you either of them in or around your home.

Wasp nest is a problem, but a significant issue is that it increases in size and becomes moist. Now, if it becomes damp, the ceiling of your house softens and eventually breaks open, creating a hole.

Moreover, the wasps can also chew on things to make a nice and comfortable nest. If they chew on the walls or the ceiling, let us inform you that they could easily weaken your roof and the walls without taking much longer. And it would be a big problem if they have made their way into your house from the gap they have created. The wasps won’t be the only ones who will enter from that gap, but it would also give access to the other pests.

How to get rid of the Wasps

The best solution is to call a pest control company to get rid of wasps. You can get your property treated with the best pest control products, which only the professionals have. They are trained well to deal with all kinds of pests and get rid of them safely. Some other reasons why you should call the pest control company is:

  • Safety equipment: As discussed earlier, safety has to be the utmost priority when dealing with wasps. The professionals are equipped with the right equipment like Personal protective equipment (PPE) and Respiratory protective equipment (RPE). These things are essential when carrying out the removal of the wasp nest.
  • Work in small places: It would be difficult for us to go and work in the areas like the house’s attic, but the pest professionals are well trained and can easily do their job of the nest removal from those places.
  • Knowledge: They know all the details about wasps, like behaviour, and what needs to be done if someone gets stung by wasps.


Woodwasps and horntail wasps are the worst in terms of causing damage to your house. You have to regularly inspect for these pests because if the number of pests increases, it could be a trouble for you. The best solution for removing the waps is to contact the pest removal company. It could be hazardous if you are not adequately equipped when trying to remove the nest.

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