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In Burnaby, hornets can transform a lovely outdoor gathering into a nightmare. Pesticon is here to keep your house or business pest-free, whether you live in crowded Metrotown or calm Montecito.

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Pesticon – Your Trusted Pest Control Experts in Burnaby

We are a reputable company that offers quality pest control services, which are affordable, effective and delivered in a professional manner. Select Pesticon to experience the difference for yourself.

Why Choose Pesticon for Hornet Control in Burnaby?

Local Expertise

For 25 years now, Pesticon has been in operation in many neighborhoods of Burnaby such as Metrotown, Brentwood, Forest Grove among others; this qualifies us to understand hornet control in your area.

Comprehensive Approach

Whether it’s a thorough inspection, specific treatment or simple prevention, Pesticon can provide you a hornet extermination service in Burnaby with the most effective solution adapted to your house.

Safe and Effective Solutions

To ensure that our clients in communities such as Montecito and Capitol Hill are safe from hornets and their pets, our team uses safe methods to remove the hornets from your property.

Guaranteed Results

Our hornet control services are guaranteed to work and we pledge to work with you to address any issues that may arise by offering more services or follow-up as per your need.

I recently used Insect Pest Control to deal with a pest issue in my home and I could not be more pleased with the results. Their team was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The bugs are gone: I can finally enjoy a bug-free home!
Jonathan Benjamin Grey
Jonathan Benjamin Grey
6 months ago
I was very impressed with Pestican Pest Control Vancouver. I had a problem with bed bugs and they were able to get rid of them completely. The technician was very professional and efficient, and made sure with my back to make sure the issue was fixed. I would highly recommend Pesticon to anyone with pest problems.
Ashton Freame
Ashton Freame
8 months ago
We appreciated Pesticon Pest Control's free estimates as they helped us plan our pest control budget. Their team provided all the necessary information.
Kevin E. Chan
Kevin E. Chan
8 months ago

The Threat of Hornets to Your Property

Tenant Safety Concerns

  • Hornets are likely to build their nest around rental units or areas that are easily accessible by the tenants, which makes it dangerous for the tenants to be stung by the hornets, worsened by the possibility of an allergic reaction.
  • Injuries caused by hornet stings can create legal problems for landlords and property managers and possibly even lead to lawsuits and compensation payouts.

Disruption to Property Operations

  • Active hornet nests interfere with the usual running of property operations, thereby inflicting discomfort to residents living in these  properties.
  • As a result of dealing with these complaints, property managers may be having a difficult time handling complaints and other issues that arise from hornet infestations, which in turn may lower tenant satisfaction.

Reputation Damage

  • The presence of hornets ruins the image of the property, which may be perceived as abandoned or poorly maintained with various threats to human health.
  • Tenants who read such comments on social media may be discouraged and avoid renting units in your property which results in high vacancy rates and low rent collections.

Partner with Pesticon for Comprehensive Solutions

  • Pesticon provides customized hornet control services to meet every client’s needs, especially those managing rental properties and complexes in Burnaby.
  • Our knowledgeable and skilled professionals treat and remove hornet nests properly which can forbid new infestations, while keeping the comfort and security of the tenants and preserving the image of your property.

Take Proactive Steps to Protect Your Property

  • Hornets are more than trouble – contact Pesticon today for a consultation to evaluate possible dangers on your property.
  • Through hornet control services offered by us, property managers and landlords can effectively prevent damages and keep their tenants and property safe and comfortable.

The Pesticon Hornet Control Process in Burnaby


Our professional exterminators physically survey your premises and focus on specific parts of your home that hornets are likely to nests such as eaves, roofs or trees in Metrotown, Brentwood, and Forest Grove neighborhoods.

Nest Removal

Once hornets are successfully driven out of the building we proceed to dismantle and dispose of all the nests for a way to eliminate re-infestation and provide comfort to the building residents.


We find the hornet nests and evaluate the severity of the infestation and determine the best course of action based on the type of hornets, and their nesting behaviors. Contant us now!


We take steps to ensure that these hornets do not return in the future by closing the points through which they enter and providing tips on how to maintain the homes to keep Burnaby neighborhoods including Edmonds and Buckingham free from hornets.


As hornet control specialists, we target the hornet nests directly in ways that do not harm the environment, people, and their pets in parts such as Montecito and Capitol Hill.


After controlling the hornets, our team contacts the client to establish the efficiency of the carried out work, prevent other issues, and offer continued assistance if required.

Telltale Signs: How to Spot Hornets Before They Take Over

Visual Sightings

Active Nests: Their large, grayish papery nests can be located in trees, bushes, on eaves, and rooflines in such areas as Metrotown, Brentwood, and Forest grove.

Hornet Activity: Check for hornets flying around a single location as this is a sign that their nest is nearby. Hornets are mainly seen during the day especially when the weather is warm.

Increased Pest Activity

Insect Predation: Hornets are carnivorous insects and are also likely to be found in places that are rich in insects like gardens, compost bins or areas where people are eating outside.

Other Pest Activity: You should expect to see more flights of other smaller pests like flies, bees or ants as hornets feed on them.

Physical Evidence

Hornet Sightings: If you find hornets in your home or around your area, then chances are there is a nest somewhere in close proximity.

Chewed Wood: Hornets leave marks such as chewed wood or bark that they use in constructing their nests. This can be seen in areas that are made of wood such as fences, decks, or sidings.

Auditory Clues

Buzzing Sounds: Pay attention to the sounds of buzzing around areas that may provide good conditions for nesting like trees, shrubs, or the outside walls of a building. Hornets make a noticeable buzzing noise any time they are flying or defending their territory.

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Ready to reclaim your property from buzzing hornet intruders? Don't wait until the problem worsens – contact Pesticon today for professional hornet control services in Burnaby. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to effectively eliminate hornet nests and prevent future infestations, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of you and your loved ones.

With our fast, efficient, and comprehensive hornet control solutions, you can enjoy a hornet-free environment in no time. Whether you're dealing with a single nest or multiple infestations, Pesticon is here to help.

Don't let hornets take over your home or business – take proactive steps and contact Pesticon now. Schedule your consultation and discover why countless residents and businesses in Burnaby trust Pesticon for all their pest control needs.

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