Due to being a seaport city in western Canada, Vancouver attracts the attention of thousands of unique insects, including the dreaded wasps. Wasps usually vary in colour or size, depending on their species. They are known to make outdoor activities harder and less fun by totally ruining them. Their stings can be very painful and equally harmful to individuals allergic to their venom.

Wasps commonly found in Vancouver are the yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps. These wasps live in colonies. Their colonies are usually large and their nests house over a thousand wasps. Wasps usually don't sting unless threatened. They become very aggressive when they disturbed or when they feel threatened.

Wasps control in Vancouver has become quite tasking and strenuous. Pesticon Pest Control have created a guide, indicating the following: what wasps are attracted to, their diet, how to detect their presence, and how to get rid of them.


Many seem to wonder how wasps invade their homes and picnic grounds. Well, wasps live in colonies and build nests. These nests have been found to be commonly situated in gutters outside homes. Wasps find ways to build nests around your homes due to garbage cans or waste bins not properly covered. They are equally attracted to flowers and plant life grown on yards and some outdoor recreational areas.

Wasps are generally attracted to dirt; excluding the pretty flowers. They are also found in window corners, beneath porches, under decks, and other areas you might not suspect. Wasps are also attracted to damp and abandoned spots; for example, the attic no one really visits and little crawl spaces found around the house. They also secure their nests in some weird areas like electric outlet boxes, gas grills.

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What wasps feed on in Vancouer


In Vancouver, Wasps like the average insect feed on crumbs and leftovers found after picnics. But here's something that distinguishes them; they are predators. Wasps feed on other insects such as caterpillars, beetles, flies, and a host of others.

Their diet equally changes with the season. In autumn and the very end of summer, they hunt for yummy goodies. For example, just like bees, they seek nectar from flowers and equally feed on pollen. They are also found amidst leftovers that contain sugary stuff around common picnic sites.


You might wonder how to go about detecting wasps in your home or environment. Detecting wasps in your home would be easier and less time consuming if it’s done by a trained pest technician. So, it is best to seek out a certified pest control technician or Pesticon Pest Control to help with the detection.

Here are a few tips if you feel up to the task of venturing alone:


    If by chance you regularly find a wasp floating around your house or compound, you should be vigilant. Frequent sighting indicates the presence of a new colony of wasps.


    Just like bees, wasps also buzz. So if you discover constant buzzing sounds around your home, action has to be taken. These sounds can be heard inside the walls of a building, underneath tables, porches, and other hideouts.

  • NESTS:

    Wasps are insects that exist in colonies and equally work to build sturdy nests. These nests can house a large number of other wasps. Identifying a wasp nest might not be so easy.

    Wasps tend to build strange-looking nests. These nests are built with a wide variety of materials ranging from mud, clay, paper-like materials and a host of others. You can easily discover a wasp best by tracking the route the wasps move through.

How to detect a wasps nest in Vancouver

How to Control Wasps in Vancouver

In Vancouver, getting rid of wasps is regarded as a strenuous activity. Regardless of the numerous pest control sites situated in Vancouver, the rate of wasp infestation still increases.

Do note that wasp control is best left to the capable hands of a trained pest control personnel, but if you feel up to the task; here are a few tips.

  • Hunt Down Their Nests:

    The first step to actually getting rid of wasps is to discover their hideout(s). Wasps usually build their nests out of sight so as not to endanger their lives; they are considered pretty smart due to this. So, while hunting them down, ensure you search thoroughly through outlets, damp areas and underneath spots too.


    Some might consider insecticides as fake and unreliable but they are crucial to getting rid of wasps. While shopping for insecticides, ensure you check its description. Some insecticides are made only to kill normal household insects i.e. roaches and mosquitoes.


    Dirty gutters have become a common sight in some areas in Vancouver and these serve as breeding spots for wasps. These insects are attracted to dirt and gutters usually harbor dirt. So to avoid being tortured by a large colony of wasps, you have to take care of your gutters and ensure they are always clean.

  • Proper Maintenance:

    Regular and proper maintenance ensures that all cracks around the building are discovered and shut. Also ensure every potential entry point is sealed tight to avoid unwanted insects.

  • Addition of Fly Screens:

    Fly screens are also a great way to get rid and equally prevent wasps from visiting. Fixing up fly screens on your doors and windows would definitely prevent wasps from invading your surroundings.

  • Secure Garbage Can Lids:

    Wasps love to hang out in garbage cans because it is easy to find food there. Now the number of wasps encroaching might drastically increase if your garbage can doesn't have a sturdy lid. Therefore, you have to secure lids for your garbage cans so as to prevent a wasp invasion.

  • Dispose of Waste Properly:

    Waste disposal has become a very critical issue. Wrong disposal of waste will definitely invite some unwanted insects known to tamper with outdoor activities. It should be noted that proper disposal of waste will surely keep these insects away from your immediate surrounding.


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