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Fire ants as their name suggests, are aggressive and bite when it comes to defending their nests. They behave exactly like wasps as their multiple bites can result in a swollen welt, inflicting great pain like a boil.

They have become the major issue for residents and landlords in Vancouver as they can have access to the house in search of food and water through cracks and holes.

Fire ants usually build their nest in the ground, under the rocks and stones, which means they are subterranean. Their colonies are often found in open areas such as gardens, roadsides, lawns, etc.

However, the fire ants that are commonly found both on the mainland and Vancouver Island are the European Fire ants, their nests are completely underground with no trace at the surface making it very difficult to locate them and for the need for a moist environment to survive and thrive makes Vancouver a suitable ground for them.

The sad truth is that they don’t have a particular season, but they are very active in spring and summer. So there won’t be a time where you won’t see them. The need to control is very crucial though their sting doesn’t lead to an allergic reaction requiring medical treatment.

This article is aimed at giving you detailed information that will enlighten you about fire ants in Vancouver.


Fire ants are reddish-brown in color with two nodes on their thorax which makes it different from other species of ants. Their size ranges from 1/8-3/8 inches long. Males are usually black and they come out during the mating season to mate with the queen and die after fulfilling this task.


  • Moisture Rich Environment:

    fire ants are easily drawn to areas that have moisture such as gardens and irrigated lawns because they require a level of moisture for them to survive making low shrubby areas, tall grasses and underground rocks and wood ideal; especially under rocks and wood which conduct heat during the day and release it at night keeping their nest warm all day. It is in rare cases you find their mounds on the roof.

  • Dirt:

    Fire ants have an exceptional sense of smell which they deploy when foraging or searching for food, they can search for food a long distance away from their colonies and then release pheromones for other members of the colonies to trace back. When kitchen wastes are dumped carelessly around the house it calls their attention.

  • Holes & Cracks:

    fire ants prefer quiet and a dark place that is why they are drawn to holes and cracks in the building of a house. It also serves as the major route to which they find their way into homes.


They are mostly found around discarded fruits because of their strong preference for sugar and are commonly found in trees where they tend aphids to produce honeydew.


For every red ant, you see there are several others hiding somewhere, this means that when you find a red small ant in search of food around your house is a sign that they are hiding somewhere very close.

Fire Ant nests are often found deep within the soil but without a visible mound though most of them dwell in the mounds few of them are found in quiet and dark places. The shape of their mounds is either domed or flattened at the top with their entry and exit underground.

Aside from identifying them by their color, their aggressive nature, and painful stings when their nest is being disturbed is also a sign to identify them.


They spread naturally through colony budding. This occurs when the number of ants in the colony increases. One or more queens walk away from the colony with a group of workers to establish a new nest near the original colony, which is often less than one meter. In this manner of colony budding, they expand, spread, and take over the resources of an area.

Another way they spread is through transplantation which involves the movement of garden materials such as the soil, plants, and mulch across a landscape. This is possible because they are commonly found in the free soil of root bunches.

These ants do not normally enter houses but you might carry them inside without you noticing. For example, taking an infested container like flower pots inside your house may allow them to migrate into indoor locations.


To control the spread of fire ants, one must be coordinated and put a whole lot of effort into it because they are nearly impossible to prevent as their colonies spread very fast from one property to another. Further, an effective medium to control the spread of fire ants is to engage the services of a pest technician. However, the following tips would aid in fire ants control:

  • Avoid moving soil, plants, or mulch from infested areas into your space.
  • When transplanting, soak the roots of the plants in cold water before using.
  • Proper sanitation of the environment
  • Turn stones and rocks over often.
  • Raise awareness in your areas so it won't be confused with other species of ants.

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How to identify fire ants in Vancouver

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