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Hornets control in Vancouver can constitute a huge problem especially during the summer season. These insects are drawn to heat and the need to survive often draw them to activities performed by humans..

Hornets are considered as pests when they make their nest near humans. This is because of their aggressive nature when it comes to defending their hives as they feel threatened especially when their nests are destroyed.

Oftentimes people fear their sting because they are more painful than a typical wasp sting containing about 5% of acetylcholine which might lead to life-threatening situations particularly for people who are allergic to the venom.

Unlike honey bees, hornets can sting repeatedly and not die after stinging because their stingers are finely barbed and cannot be pulled out of their bodies when disengaging. The Drones or the Male hornets are passive and are not aggressive, therefore they do not sting.

Signs and symptoms of their sting include redness, itching, swelling, and an allergic reaction includes difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, lips, throat, or mouth, rapid pulse, vomiting, dizziness, and a sudden drop in blood pressure. There are basically three kinds of hornet. They are categorized based on their physical appearance and their location. They are: Bald-faced Hornets, Asian Giant Hornets and European Hornets. Oftentimes, the Bald-faced Hornets are the most common species of Hornets in Vancouver.

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How to identify a hornets nest in vancouver

How to Identify a Hornet's Nest

Hornets are insects from the family Vespidae (Genus-Vespa) and are closely related to the yellow jackets. They are reddish-brown, or black and white in color, and approximately 1-2 inches long with six legs.

Hornets construct their community hives by chewing wood to form a papery pulp. Most species of hornets build their nests around bushes, around door and window frames in the house, in trees and shrubs while others build theirs underground and in other cavities.

The nests are usually round about the size of a basketball with a single opening for the entry and existence of hornets and it has the characteristics of a paper. The nest will continue to grow depending on the size of the colony.

How to Locate a Hornet's Nest

Put a piece of meat or fruit and sugar in any area where you have noticed hornet activity. These items attract them and allow you to trace their flight patterns back to their hives and as soon as you get close to their hive it seems like a replica of an airport with flight arriving and departing.

As soon as you discover their nest moving away as far as possible, this is because of their aggressive nature in defending their nest when they feel threatened. It is recommended that you do not remove the nest yourself instead call in licensed pest control professionals in Vancouver who have the experience in removing them safely.

How to locate a hornets nest in Vancouver

What You Find in a Hornet's Nest

 In every hive there are three types of Hornets, they are The Hornet Queen, The Worker, The Male Hornet or Drone.

Queen Hornet

In each nest there is a queen which is quite dominating and is responsible for laying eggs because they are the most fertile hornets to produce more hornets. The queens are also responsible for starting new colonies.

The Workers

These consist of infertile females and some males. They have the responsibility of building the hive, feeding the young ones, gathering food for the queen and their young ones and securing their hive.

The Male Hornets

The male hornets, also called drones, have one role of mating with the queen and die as soon as this task is complete, this explains why male hornets are fewer. Male and female hornets don't have much of a noticeable difference.

Hornet diet and feeding in Vancouver

Hornet Diet & Feeding

These insects eat leaves, rotting sweet fruits, honey and some tree saps like that of the oak trees but they are also predators feeding on many flies, bees, flies, caterpillars, crickets, bugs and other insects. Due to their size and strong venom, they can kill large insects like the grasshoppers, honey bees, and locust easily. When the prey is killed by an adult hornet, it is chewed into a pulp and fed to the larvae still growing in the nest while the larvae of hornets in turn secrete an amino and sugar containing substances that is consumed by the workers and queens.

How to Control Hornet's

Hornets can nest in homes thereby posing a great danger for homeowners especially those who are allergic to their venom when stung. Controlling hornets around your home will reduce stings and still allow them to live, therefore allowing them to continue controlling the population of the pests in your area as they are eco-friendly in nature.

Prevention is the primary way to control hornets. The following are ways you can control hornets

  • Removal of irrelevant food sources: in order to prevent hornets from evading a home, be sure to have emptied the trash can, removed uneaten pet remnant and sugary food. Flowers and fruits also attract hornets too so they should be kept at a distance from homes.
  • You should never swat a hornet because when they are killed their bodies release a pheromone that attacks and provoke nearby hornets
  • Inspection of the house should be done regularly, especially eaves and roof of the building because they are the primary location for nests.
  • Cracks, windows, vents and doors can be an entrance for hornets into the house, these areas should be inspected and cracks should be sealed up completely.
  • Hornets prefer to build in dark, and undisturbed places around your home, ensuring that there is light in these locations.
How to locate a hornets nest in Vancouver

There are situations where more is required to get rid of them. In situations like this, a licensed pest technician in Vancouver should be contacted because they are well trained with the appropriate tools to help remove them safely and effectively. At Pesticon Pest Control, we get rid of these pests and give you the optimum satisfaction.


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