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Commercial Pest Control

Pesticon is a preferred pest control company for many commercial businesses in the Vancouver area. We are a 15-year-old company with proven results and a long history of satisfied customers. We understand that a pest problem can severely disrupt the operations of your business or company – trust us to rapidly solve your problem!


Residential Pest Control

You can trust Pesticon to remove any pests from your home. Your problem is our problem, and we treat your home with great respect! We offer highly effective residential pest control services. We remove many different kinds of insects and rodents. Bed bugs, mice, termites, mice, rats. We understand that you want these pests out of your house as soon as possible.

Pesticon Pest Control Services

bed bug removal vancouver

At Pesticon, we use the most modern technology to rid your home of bed bugs. We have considerable experience in pest control services for your home using two methods: heat treatment and repellents. Our highly trained technicians are located across locality for immediate service on the same day. Trust Pesticon to rid your home of bed bugs – we offer a 6-month guarantee for removal!

Mice Control Vancouver

Rodents like mice can lead to illness such as food poisoning if left uncontrolled. They carry diseases that expose your family members to unsanitary conditions, thus leading to sickness. But with Pesticon unrivaled services and skilled technicians, you can worry no more. Pesticon will eradicate the problem efficiently and offer you lasting solutions.

Bee Removal Vancouver

Bees are a natural and helpful part of our Vancouver ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and create honey that humans like to eat. But what happens when bees decide to make your house into their home? Bees that invade your residence can be dangerous, particularly for children and those with allergies. At that point, it becomes necessary to find a way to get rid of your bees.

flea removal Vancouver

Unfortunately, fleas can be very invasive and can cause severe issues for both you and your pets. Fleas can get into human hair and this can become a real problem! Fleas feed on the blood of their host so this is a very undesirable pest to have in your property.

cockroach removal Vancouver

Cockroaches breed at an alarming rate! Killing a few with pesticide does not mean the problem will go away. Infestations have nests, eggs and will come back.

Many roaches enter houses through drains, vents, and other holes, and even if you manage to track them to all of the entry points they could have used to get in, you will likely have a difficult time eliminating the problem.

spider control Vancouver

Spiders can sometimes be helpful in eliminating other insects from your household, but in other cases, they can become a major problem, particularly if you have an infestation of multiplying spiders. In some cases, you can handle spiders on your own if the spiders you have are not dangerous, otherwise, it's a good idea to call in the experts.

Hornet Control Vancouver

Well, first of all, it always helps to research the subject well and see to it that you are using the right solution for your situation which in some cases can work well but requires professional help in others. First of all, it helps to locate the hornets’ nest and make sure you are not disturbing the nest without necessity as it can be dangerous.

Wasp Control Vancouver

When it comes to wasps they can be somewhat harmless and can just annoy you slightly from time to time. In other cases they can really mess with your peace of mind and can become a danger around young kids and domestic animals, as well as pets. In this case you have to know what measures to take to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Wildlife control Vancouver

Pesticon specializes in removal of all types of rodents, including raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Our experience with animal control has taught us a lot – we know how to find these animals where they are hiding and remove them from your home without harming the structure or the animal. We have a philosophy of humane removal in compliance with BC and Federal laws. 

Ant Control Vancouver

Ants typically enter houses in search of food and warmth. Ants can multiply quickly and colonies can grow fast. This means that any food matter in your kitchen, living room, washrooms, bedrooms will create a trail of ants. This gets especially worse for families with kids where little bits of food can easily get around the house.


5 Star Average Rating | 40+ Reviews
I recently used Insect Pest Control to deal with a pest issue in my home and I could not be more pleased with the results. Their team was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The bugs are gone: I can finally enjoy a bug-free home!
Jonathan Benjamin Grey
Jonathan Benjamin Grey
6 months ago
I was very impressed with Pestican Pest Control Vancouver. I had a problem with bed bugs and they were able to get rid of them completely. The technician was very professional and efficient, and made sure with my back to make sure the issue was fixed. I would highly recommend Pesticon to anyone with pest problems.
Ashton Freame
Ashton Freame
8 months ago
We appreciated Pesticon Pest Control's free estimates as they helped us plan our pest control budget. Their team provided all the necessary information.
Kevin E. Chan
Kevin E. Chan
8 months ago


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