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At Pesticon, we use the most modern technology to rid your home of bed bugs. We have considerable experience in removing the pests from your home using two methods: heat treatment and repellents. Our highly trained technicians are located across locality for immediate service on the same day. Trust Pesticon to rid your home of bed bugs – we offer a 6-month guarantee for removal!




If you have an animal control issue in the Vancouver area, Pesticon specializes in removal of all types of rodents, including mice and rats. We can also deal with raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Our experience with animal control has taught us a lot – we know how to find these animals where they are hiding and remove them from your home without harming the structure or the animal. We have a philosophy of humane removal in compliance with BC and Federal laws. Let us help you rid your home of unwanted animals and other pests!



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You can trust Pesticon to remove any pests from your home. Your problem is our problem, and we treat your home with great respect! We offer highly effective residential pest control services. We remove many different kinds of insects and rodents. Bed bugs, mice, termites, mice, rats – no problem! We understand that you want these pests out of your house as soon as possible.




Pesticon is a preferred pest control company for many commercial businesses in the Vancouver area. We are a 15-year-old company with proven results and a long history of satisfied customers. We understand that a pest problem can severely disrupt the operations of your business or company – trust us to rapidly solve your problem!




At Pesticon we are dedicated to our relationships and customer experience. We have created a Home Protection Plan to give you peace of mind and protection all year round from pests. Our protection service is ideal for at risk homes with recurring pest problems. Protection will make sure you are covered from all types of pests all year round.

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Why Hire A Pest Control Specialist


Coming across insects and small animals all over your property should be the last thing on your mind. However, if there is a serious infestation, typically it is hard to remove and will keep coming back. Once insects get in, it’s hard to get them out. You cannot effectively prevent and control them unless you engage the services of professionals.

Pesticon has been offering excellent and efficient lasting solutions to pest invasion problems in the vancouver area. Our customers have been very satisfied with the services provided and thus making them give us a 9.9 rating in Homestars, and help us achieve an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Pesticon has been licensed to provide durable pest control solution in properties in and around Cambridge for over 15 years.

Pesticon guaranteed you 100% satisfying and a lasting solution offered by highly qualified technicians.



Modern and Lasting Methods

Pesticon use modern and advanced pest extermination methods such as the use of ultra heat treatments and active application of chemicals that are zero harmful to your health but eradicate bed bugs, fleas, wasp, crickets successfully and gives efficient and lasting results leaving no traces of them thus providing you a guaranteed solution.


Ant and Termite Control 

Ants and termites are very tiny but mighty to gradually, bring down any wooden-built structures and lending your property inhabitable. Pesticon uses powders, chemical, and ultra heat treatment to smoke them out, destroy their pathways and utterly destroy their colonies.


Mice Control 

Rodents like mice can lead to illness such as food poisoning if left uncontrolled. They carry diseases that expose your family members to unsanitary conditions, thus leading to sickness. But with Pesticon unrivaled services and skilled technicians, you can worry no more. Pesticon will eradicate the problem efficiently and offer you lasting solutions.

Bed-bug Eradication 

Bed bugs are extremely unpleasant! They suck on your blood and cause all kinds of health issues. You can identify them by bite marks on skin or stains they leave on sheets. Bedbugs are hard to eliminate with home remedies, we encourage you to call a professional. Pesticon have range of techniques to eliminate bedbugs.

Wildlife Control 

Bigger wildlife animals like rodents, squirrels, birds, and raccoon take over a part of your property such as an attic or empty basement. This is because they mainly hide in dark places like basements, sewer lines, chimneys and attics, and this can prove difficult for you to get rid of them. But our highly trained Pesticon technicians with easily trap them, seal their entryways and move them back safely and humanely to their natural habitat while observing animal handling care city laws.

Our professionals will keep paying your property a visit until they utterly eradicate the invasion. Pesticon Company will offer this after service without billing you any extra coin. Our business is to provide you 100% satisfying services and leave you a happy property owner.

For pest invasion problem on your property, just call Pesticon and enjoy lasting solution to the problem.


What Our Clients Say

vancouver pest control
  • One of my neighbours pointed out a large wasp nest growing on my property. I called Pesticon, having heard good things about them, and they were able to visit my property within two hours of my call, despite it being the Friday afternoon of a long weekend! The technician arrived promptly at the time indicated by the dispatcher and was great! He walked me through the removal process and answered my questions before proceeding. The removal was fine and I would recommend Pesticon to anyone looking for fast, effective pest removal!
  • I had a major cockroach problem in my apartment, so I searched online for pest control professionals in Vancouver. Pesticon seemed like they knew what they were talking about, and I really liked their 6-month guarantee. They came out immediately and soon there were a ton of dead cockroaches on my kitchen floor! Pesticon was really easy to work with and I would definitely call them again.
  • We had a hornet nest that we didn’t know about in our garage. My wife was stung and suffered a severe reaction/infection, which requires a regimen of hospital and in home treatment – a very nasty injury. I soaked the nest with Raid, but they just moved the nest into the adjacent bush. I called Pesticon based on their rating and a review on Home Stars. I was impressed that the last review stated that they solved the problem, and they responded the same day. The technician from Pesticon was on time, came to help us the same day, and got rid of both nests within half an hour. He was polite and informative, and he sprayed the surrounding bushes so that our unwanted guests were discouraged from building a new condo. I hope I don’t need any more pest control services anytime soon, but if I do, Pesticon will be my first and only phone call. They have more than earned the repeat business!
  • About a year ago, I had a huge wasp nest above my porch ceiling. The technician from Pesticon came to my house at exactly the time the company had promised, and he sprayed down the entire porch area. I didn’t want to write a positive review right away despite the good experience that I had because frankly I wanted to make sure that the wasps didn’t come back. Over the past year, I have been looking and looking to make sure that the wasps are still gone, and I haven’t seen a single one! So now I can say it with confidence: Pesticon really did a great job and their treatments work!
  • Pesticon sent a technician out right after I called about an ant problem. He was very friendly and worked on my house inside and out. After the treatments, the ants are gone. I don’t have to worry anymore about the disturbance and damage caused by these scary creatures. I feel comfortable about the guarantee of service for the next 6 months. Thanks, Pesticon!
  • Great company! I sent in a request for a quote on wasp removal at two properties we manage, and not even 10 minutes after I had hit the send button I received a response from Pesticon with the cost and a question on where the property was. I sent the property address and asked when they could send someone out to help. Had a response in less than 5 minutes with “The tech can come tomorrow between 1-2pm. Does that work?” The tech arrived exactly when he was supposed to and all the work was completed the day it was scheduled and on time. I have not had any calls or complaints from the owners after Pesticon carried out the extermination. Great company, would highly recommend to any property managementcompany, homeowners, or any business!! Keep up the fantastic work Pesticon!
  • We’ve been unlucky enough to have three different pest control issues (mice, ants and now wasps). Luckily, we know exactly who to to call in these situations: Pesticon! Service is quick, easy and polite. Would recommend them without reservation, and will absolutely call them in future if necessary.
  • Pesticon came out to my house within one day of my calling them to remove a raccoon family from my attic. Upon discovering that a baby was left in the attic, they returned at midnight the following night to pull the baby raccoon out of the attic and return it to its mother, who was unable to get back into the attic. Now the raccoons are gone and I couldn’t be happier! Great experience with Pesticon. They really take the time to get the job done right.