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The rate of ants invasion on residents in Vancouver is alarming, therefore the need to control their activities. Ants are destructive creatures that invade homes, businesses, offices to inflict damages to properties.

The destructive activities of ants cannot be underestimated as they destroy wood structures as well as crops.

These uninvited visitors do not need an invitation to enter into your home as they are invasive in nature.

Ants spread harmful bacteria and cause other health problems to humans. In this article, we shall examine the nature of ants and their activities as well as how to control them.


Ants are one of the most ancient species on earth. They are social insects that live in colonies with hundreds to millions of workers in it.

Recent research has shown that there are about 20,000 species of ants in the world and the species determines the size of the colony. The workers in a colony have their different set of roles to play.

Every colony has a Queen whose responsibility is egg laying. The ants we often see crawling around in search of edibles are called the workers. Their duties are to protect the queen, search for food, and also defend the colony. While searching for food, they use their invisible odor trail to locate food and trace their way back to the colony.

Their small size makes it hard for people to notice them. They mainly live outside and can be useful as they help in keeping the lawns and gardens tidy. However, these seemingly harmless creatures can be problematic when they invade your home for food.

Ants like moist environments, so they invade homes with moist wood structure and dirty surroundings to get food.

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Types of Ants

Ants can be really dangerous pests and post a great threat when they are not discovered on time.  They build their nests in homes, hunt for food and cause severe structural damages to the buildings.The household ants often move as a marching army when carrying a food item back to their nest. When they invade your kitchen for food, they  transfer dirt and other unsafe bacteria to your food items, cupboard, countertops, and other kitchen items.

The possible kinds of ants will invade Vancouver residents are:

Carpenter Ant Removal Vancouver

Carpenter ants are not an exception in terms of their destructive capabilities when compared to other species. 

They eat wood and also use them to build good nests for their colony. When you notice your wood is getting weak, know that the carpenter ants are at work!

Pharaoh Ant Removal Vancouver

Pharaoh Ants

The pharaoh ants are good at spreading harmful pathogens that lead to health complications. They spread Streptococcus which results in serious health threats to you and your family.

Fire Ant Removal Vancouver

Fire ants have a wasp-like behaviour as their multiple bites result in injuries - inflicting great pain. They make their nest in holes and cracks of the house.

Fire ants are normally found around fallen fruits because of their preference for food items with sugar properties. You will also definitely find them in moisture rich environments such as gardens and irrigated lawns.

Pavement Ant Removal Vancouver

Pavement ants are the most common of ants in Vancouver. They are commonly located in pavement cracks, drive walk, and any other cemented area but can also be found in decayed wood and under stones.

They cause no structural damages but can be a great nuisance as they increase rapidly in population.

Pavement ants are very territorial pests and can fight to defend their colony.


An infestation of ants can be frustrating and annoying but you may be responsible for their invasion. Ants are uninvited guests that can take over your home without your knowledge! Ants love to stay in warm places and moist environments. Outside, they can be found under concrete slabs, flat stones, and even rail tiles. The following are ways ants get in:

  • Moist wooden structures attached to the house

    Ants are destructive pests that have a preference for moist environments so having a moist wood around your home will be a suitable habitat for them.

  • Holes in a building

    Cracks in walls are warm and secure for building their nests. Ants take advantage of the fact that the hokes are unacceptable to hide.

  • Air-conditioners and heat ducts

    Ants can also infest a house through heat ducts and  air-conditioners as they produce heat and moisture that the ants have a preference for!

  • Firewood brought into the house

    Moist firewood that is left close to the house will definitely invite ants into the home as they will come for the moisture content.

How Ants Get into your home


How to detect ants in your home

Worker ants are responsible for scouting for food so you'll definitely find them crawling around. The ants will be found crawling around food items or indisposed garbage. Ants move around the house in their numbers when they sense food nearby.

The presence of an ants in your house does not necessarily mean that there is a nest indoor but it surely suggests a nest somewhere close.

You may stumble on a nest not very hidden but sometimes away from the pathways. Just be careful not to disturb or scatter it as you might be forcing them to relocate to a safer place - your home!

When you see piles of fine wood shavings near damp wood either outside or inside, then you know that carpenter ants are nearby.

Seeing swarmers around, either dead or alive is another sign of their presence in your house. This is because a standard colony produces a mating swarm once a year to establish another colony somewhere else. So watch out.


Ants travel distances to seek food and shelter and will stop at no means to get what they want! Nevertheless, you can still have an ant-free home. The following are ways to control ants:

  • Cleanliness

    A clean home, as we know, is a healthy home so to control ants’ infestation in your home; you have to keep it clean. Whenever you spill a drink or anything, clean it immediately. Never leave dirty dishes, ensure you sweep up food crumbs whenever you are done eating, and always take the garbage out. These and other acts of cleanliness can keep the ants away.

  • Be Observant

    If you keep seeing ants at a particular area just know that a nest is nearby. To get them out of your house, you will need to search for holes in the siding where you frequently see them. Most times, the holes are in a crack in the wall or holes between bricks.

  • Insecticide

    Insecticides are chemical and poisonous substances that can kill ants. Insecticides that contain bifenthrin have proven effective against ants in recent times. Ensure you get one and spray at targeted locations. They can be gotten at nearby stores or malls. Then,you should see a positive result after this.

  • Keep Firewood from Food Store Areas

    Firewood can be a breeding place for ants so avoid stacking them close to the house where they can easily reach while foraging for food.

How to Control Ants

It is not just enough to keep the house clean. Ants can hide things so keep your lawn and garden neat. It is advisable to frequently rake the lawn and pack the grass to remove thatch because they are good nesting points for ants.


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