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Fleas are blood-sucking insects we have to avoid in our homes especially, in Vancouver. They breed rapidly and take shelter in our pets. They can be annoying and difficult to deal with if they are in a vast number. In Vancouver, dealing with them when they have multiplied vastly can be a huge problem for one. However, with selected guidelines in this article, one would learn how to terminate and avoid future occurrences.


Fleas are one of the most infuriating pests one can ever encounter. They are small insects that suck blood on the host in order to survive. They are usually dark brown or reddish-brown in colour. They have flat bodies and are about 0.04-0.16 inches long. They are wingless creatures that jump around easily and are easily unnoticeable at an early stage. Oftentimes, they jump about 6-8 inches. They prefer to thrive on four-legged creatures like dogs and cats. They like to aim at their necks and tails in order to survive. They thrive in a warmer climate of 26°c -32°c quickly. With no host to survive on, they lay dormant for many months.

In Vancouver, they are prominent from early August to early October. They have a life cycle of 18-21 days and can evolve in four stages. They evolve from eggs to larva to pupa and finally adults. They can cause and transmit diseases from pets to humans. They are known for transmitting bacterial diseases like typhus and parasites like tapeworms. After sucking, they leave a reddish bump on the skin and as well, cause hair loss and anaemia. They are also responsible for allergic reactions in humans and pets. Through their saliva, they can be a source of Flea Allergy Dermatitis to pets.

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types of fleas in Vancouver


In Vancouver, two types of fleas are common. They are the Cat Flea and Dog Flea.

  • Cat Flea

    They are wingless flattened insects. They are six-legged creatures that have a length of 3mm. They possess combs like the genial and pronotal combs that makes them different from other fleas. They breed and spread in the host's resting place like a cat's bedding. They evolve through four stages of their life cycle: eggs, larva, pupa and adult. The egg is white and small, the larva is worm-like, the pupa is in cocoon shape and the adult develops fully. They are also responsible for the transmission of diseases like Bartonella, murine typhus and so on

  • Dog Flea

    This type of flea is brownish-black in colour. They survive by sucking the blood of a host like cat, dog or humans. After sucking, they are reddish- back in colour. They have a length of 1-4mm and can jump as long as 15-25cm. Their laterally flattened body makes them move through animal's furs easily. They evolve through four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. They also transmit diseases like bubonic plague, tapeworms, typhus and many more.

How to Control Fleas


  • USE VACUUM There is no better way to eliminate fleas rather than to suck them up in an airspace bag. You can sprinkle baking soda or salts to achieve a better result
  • WASH CLOTHES You have to wash pieces of clothing like beddings, fabrics and so on in hot soapy water to kill them instantly. You can take them to a dry cleaner who can use chemicals to terminate them. Also, if they have infested a piece of clothing heavily, discard it.
  • CHEMICAL TREATMENTS Here, use an insecticide that contains adulticide and insect growth regulator. These chemicals contain permethrin, methoprene and pyriproxyfen that destroy the four stages of cycle - egg, larva, pula and adult. When using this, follow the instructions guiding the use of the product. Also, keep out of reach of children. You can also use an aerosol spray to get to corners that may be out of your reach.
  • USE HOME REMEDIES Home remedies have proven effective against fleas. Some remedies like rosemary naturally repel fleas in the home. You can make a herbal flea powder by mixing rosemary, peppermint, fennel, wormwood and rue together. Then, you grind into powder form and sprinkle on infested areas.
  • FLEA REPELLING PLANTS You can have flea repelling plants in your home to reduce their activities. These plants contain some chemicals and compounds that fleas hate to perceive. You can have them in flower pots and put them in a desirable place in the home.


  • CLEAR VEGETATIONS. Clear the vegetations around your areas as they may hide in tall grasses or shrubs. Mow your lawn and keep them trimmed regularly. That way, you expose hideous places to sunlight which naturally sends them off.
  • DEBRIS REMOVAL You have to remove debris like dead leaves, branches that may serve as hiding spots for fleas. Also, rake beneath flower beds to expose shady areas that may harbour fleas to sunlight.
  • NEMATODES Nematodes are parasites that reduce the activities of fleas. They do this by consuming their eggs making it impossible to breed successfully.
  • PETS Pets are naturally breeding animals for fleas. Since they need a host, having one in your home might come in handy. Therefore, you have to ensure they are well taken care of by following these guidelines.
  • Wash pet's beddings regularly in hot soapy water to kill them.
  • Purchase flea shampoo that contains pyrethrin. Wash your pets with this product and worry less about fleas on your pets.
  • Purchase a flea comb. With this, you can comb the neck and tail thoroughly as they are fleas' breeding spots. While combing, discard combed fleas into hot soapy water.
  • Have a veterinarian examine your pet. This way, they will be able to administer the right treatment on your pets.


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