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Spiders in Vancouver are scary creatures to a lot of people. Thanks to their long legs and numerous eyes, people are frightened or freaked out at their sights. As scary as they may be, they can be friendly and really harmless. Although a lot of people consider them to be dangerous in Vancouver, it has been discovered that only a few are really dangerous. This means that most are harmless and should not be feared greatly. This article examines spiders, their types and how they can be controlled.


They are eight-legged as well as eight eyed creatures. They are not usually active during cold weather. They are known to produce silk with which they build their homes - web. They are predators who devour insects, flies and other spiders in their sticky webs. They are also known to destroy flora and fauna. They serve as great prey for insects as they help in controlling their population.

Although most are considered to be dangerous, few are really dangerous. These few bite humans when they feel threatened. An example is the Black Widow Spider. Spiders are friendly creatures that have proven to be beneficial to mankind in various ways. Their toxic venoms are considered useful as they are used in the production of pesticides. They are also vital for medicinal purposes as they treat health issues like stroke, Alzheimer's disease and so on. Spiders like tarantulas are consumed as food in Cambodia and part of Venezuela.

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Types of spiders in Vancouver


Different types of spider exist in Vancouver. Most are known to be harmless in many cases. Few harmful spiders are considered to be dangerous when provoked. Some of these spiders living in this part of British Columbia are:

  • Wolf Spider

    They are grey, brown or black in color. They are usually about 0.5 -1 inch in size. They live in grounds and burrows. They are mostly found in woods, shrubs or garden areas at homes. They are known to be agile when hunting for their prey. They have excellent eyesight which detects the presence of prey and do not spin a web.

    They are not dangerous and rarely bite humans. This type of spider does not attack until they feel threatened. Although their venom can cause allergies in humans. Having bitten a human, their allergic symptoms include swelling, itching, pin and so on. When bitten by this animal, first aid or medical attention should be administered to the victim urgently.

  • Black Widow Spider

    They are black in color and hourglass-shaped in the abdominal region. They live under stones, woodpiles, sheds and even in homes. They are 0.5 - 1 inch long. Their prey includes insects and flies like mosquitoes. Their venom glands are large and attack when they feel threatened. The female gender is considered dangerous as their bites pose a great risk to humans.

    Their venom is considered to be dangerous and lethal as it is more powerful than that of a rattlesnake. Most times, they inflict pain on humans when attacking. Symptoms of their venom can persist for 3-7 days and show headaches, nausea, abdominal pain and so on. They are also known to attack the nerves in the human body. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

  • Orb Weaver Spider

    This type of spider is ⅔ inch in size. They are colorful in nature even though they appear dark or light brown in color. They have fat, round abdomen and are hairy in nature. They live to spin webs in structures that support their web as well as a lot of prey. They are non-aggressive in nature and can spin webs of about 6ft. They ensnare flies and insects and their venom is of low-risk.

    Other examples of Spiders in Vancouver include Tarantulas, Crab Spiders and many others.


Controlling spiders in your homes is not a difficult task. In fact, it is something you can do yourself. Here are some guidelines that can eliminate spiders in your home. They are even proven to reduce their activities.

  • Sanitize Your Home:

    Sanitation is necessary to keep your home clean. It sends off spiders as well as other pests in your area. To keep off spiders, make use of vacuum cleaners or brooms to destroy their webs or eggs. You can also make use of cobweb duster to dust off webs on ceilings, decks, window frames, doorways, and so on. Also, remove debris around your homes that serve as habitat for spiders. Trim your plants regularly and avoid tall shrubs in your area.

  • Chemical Treatment:

    Chemical treatment involves the use of chemicals to kill spiders. The major example of chemical treatment is the use of an insecticide. The insecticide has proven effective for years. They come in the form of spray or dust. Spray contains chemicals like pyrethrin, allethrin, resmethrin or PT211L Aerosol that kill spiders instantaneously. You can use insecticide that contains diazinon for outdoor use. Ensure to use a hand pump sprayer or back sprayer when spraying in infested areas. You can also sprinkle insecticide dust on infested areas as well. Wash hand after application and keep out of reach of children.

  • Glue Boards:

    Glue boards have proven effective for the capturing of spiders. They trap their movements by glueing them to a spot. They can be placed in hideous places or corners of the home. They can also be placed in basements or attics where they are usually found.

    Another method you can use is by replacing the white bulbs in your houses with yellow bulbs. Also, ensure your clothing items are stored in appropriate places like drawers, cabinets or closets. Perhaps, if they fall to the floor, shake them properly before being worn. You can also install bulbs in other places rather than the doorway or window frame. This is to avoid insects that attract spiders.

How to control spiders in Vancouver

Spiders found in the home are not really dangerous. The dangerous ones only attack for self-defense. If you still feel threatened by these creatures, you can contact a professional who is highly experienced to exterminate them. That way, you worry less about them.


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