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All over the world including Vancouver, mice are dangerous pests that are usually destructive in nature. Once they enter a house and begin to breed there, they are difficult to control. Here in Vancouver, there are lots of unpleasant experiences with them as they cause devastating damages to humans. Most times, they are responsible for causing loss and damages in households, offices, farms and many other structures. However, curbing their activities vin homes and offices is an achievable feat with Pesticon Pest Control. With our professional services, we are committed to ensure that your home is free of rodents at our first visit.


Mice are pests that cause damage where they are found. They are four-legged creatures with round shaped bodies. They vary in colour and sizes. They do not have collar bones and are able to move easily in holes, cracks and other openings in a building. Their time of operation is usually at nights when they carry out their destructive acts. Once they find their way into a house, they begin to render household materials like books, wirings, items of clothing and many others useless.

They are responsible for causing and transmitting diseases such as bacteria, pathogens, viruses and so on. As a result of this act, humans are prone to rat-related diseases such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever and many more. Their ability to survive in man-made structures enables them to create a mini-home for themselves in the form of burrows and nests. During winter, they seek warm places to hide and breed easily. At least, a mouse can breed about 200 offspring within months. They can also cause economic loss by shortening the agricultural productivity. In short, these little creatures cause health hazards, breed vastly, destroy crops and properties.

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Types of mice in Vancouver


  • Norway or Brown Rats

    These types of rats are known to have broad, blunt noses. They have small eyes and ears as well as thick and heavy bodies. They are brownish-red in colour. They weigh from 140-500g and are 12-18 inches long. Most times, they have coarse furs and their hairless tail is usually shorter than their body. They are able to breed 4-7 times in a year. They reproduce actively for one year and can produce 6-12 offsprings per litter. They build 100-150ft burrows for themselves which makes them co-exist with humans. They feed virtually on anything within their reach ranging from meat, fish, grains and so on.

  • Roof or Black Rats

    These types of rats are known to have narrow and pointed noses. They have large eyes and ears and are usually smaller than Norway rats. They are dark grey or black in colour. They weigh from 175-230g and are 13-17inches long. They have dark coloured tails which are usually longer than their body. They are able to breed 4-6times in a year. They reproduce actively for one year and can produce 6-12 young ones per litter. They are mostly found in attics, trees, ceilings and can build 100-150ft burrows for them. They consume foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and lots more. Their homes are usually stuffed with food and water.


Before you control mice in your surroundings, be convinced they have infested your area. This can be done by checking for rodent droppings around food items, kitchens, household items like cabinets, cupboard and so on. Also, you can check for nesting materials like fabrics, shredded papers, cardboards and many more.


  • Traps:

    Traps are ensnared to capture rodents whether dead or alive. Traps have been the oldest method used in capturing mice. They have been effective for years. Different types of traps used for capturing them are:

  • ELECTRONIC TRAPS: These are powered by batteries and can give rats electric shock. This electric shock terminates the rodents' lives instantly.
  • SNAP TRAP: This is recognised to be the oldest type of traps. It kills rats by using its spring-loaded bars. Modern ones are packaged in plastic boxes to keep out of reach of children or pets.
  • LIVE-ANIMAL TRAPS: These traps capture mice alive. The multiple types catch as many mice as possible. However, you are advised not to release them into the wild to avoid the spread of diseases.
  • GLUE TRAPS: They are proven to be effective as they capture mice through their adhesive plates. Most often, they can also catch other animals like birds, lizards and so on.
  • Rodenticide

    This involves the use of toxic or poisonous substances to terminate the rat's lives. Here, baits are poisoned and left for the mice to eat and die. Examples of these pesticides include Warfarin, Bromethalin, Zinc Phosphide and so on. However, this method has its disadvantages. One of them is that rodents can die in untraceable locations. This makes their carcass to smell profusely for many days or months. Also, other animals can die by eating these poisoned rats. It is therefore important to keep from the reach of children as well as pets.

  • Sanitization:

    A clean place will ward off pests and other animals. They do not give room for pests like rats to breed. Here are some guidelines that can reduce the activities of mice.

  • Disinfect rodents' droppings and wipe clean. You can make use of cleaning agents like bleach.
  • Regularly clean the kitchen as well as other kitchen utensils like stoves, pots, spoons and so on.
  • Do not touch dead rodents or rodents' droppings with your bare hands. Put on vinyl gloves and cover your faces with a surgical mask.
  • Store food in a tight-fitting container to avoid exposure.
  • Clear vegetations around your surroundings. This includes bushes or shrubs that might have grown tall. This will destroy their habitat.
  • Seal all entry points like holes and cracks. Once they are blocked off, they have no way to conduct their activities in your place.
  • Predators:

    Mice's natural enemy is the cat. If you are not allergic to cats, it is okay to employ them in your house to mitigate their activities. That way, you can worry less about these troublesome pests.


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I was very impressed with Pestican Pest Control Vancouver. I had a problem with bed bugs and they were able to get rid of them completely. The technician was very professional and efficient, and made sure with my back to make sure the issue was fixed. I would highly recommend Pesticon to anyone with pest problems.
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Ashton Freame
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I recently used Insect Pest Control to deal with a pest issue in my home and I could not be more pleased with the results. Their team was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The bugs are gone: I can finally enjoy a bug-free home!
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Jonathan Benjamin Grey
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We appreciated Pesticon Pest Control's free estimates as they helped us plan our pest control budget. Their team provided all the necessary information.
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Pesticon Pest Control provided excellent rodent control. Their crew made sure our property was clean of rodents and sealed all entry points.
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