Mice vs. Rats: How to Tell Them Apart and Deal with Each in Vancouver

When it comes to uninvited guests, mice and rats top the list for many homeowners. However they might appear to be comparative right away, a few key contrasts can assist you with recognizing which rat has made your home theirs. Understanding these distinctions is critical, particularly when looking for powerful arrangements from pest control administrations. This aid, with bits of knowledge from pest control specialists, will assist you with recognizing these pests and furnish tips on managing them, zeroing in on locales like Vancouver where the two rodents are normal.

Physical Differences

  1. Size: The most prominent difference however is the size. Rats are bigger, and usually they are ten times heavier than mice. An average adult rat can weigh around 350-500 grams against the 40-45 grams of the usual mouse.
  2. Appearance: Rats have coarser hair that is different from the mice’s smooth, delicate fur coat. Moreover, mice have larger ears and longer tails in comparison to the size of their bodies, differentiating them from rats.
  3. Droppings: There is no doubt about the fact that droppings of rodents are a perfect sign of the infestation. Mouse droppings have a size of approximately ¼ inch with their ends pointing, while rat droppings are larger, about ½ inch, and more banana-shaped.

Behavioral Differences

  1. Nesting: Mice are curious creatures and their nests can be built near human activities. They often fashion their nests out of paper or cloth. Rats, especially the rat species known as Norway rats, tend to like to dig holes in the ground outside or in the basement of buildings.
  2. Diet: They are both omnivores regardless of minor eating habits differences. Mice are fonder of grains and seeds, whereas rats eat anything but tend to aim at meat or protein-rich foods.

Signs of Infestation

  1. Sounds: Mice are primarily nocturnal creatures. This is where listening for scratching sounds emanating from the walls or ceiling come into play here. Rats, especially when they are in large numbers, you may hear them gnawing or scraping around.
  2. Gnaw Marks: Mice bite in a pointy manner, possibly leaving a kind of rounded mark, much smaller and more delicate as compared with the bigger, bumpy ones left by rats.
  3. Tracks and Trails: Dusty environment may also identify footprints or drag marks. Mice have faint road marks compared to highway trails paved by rats.

Dealing with Infestations

  1. Sanitation: Maintaining a tidy home, void of any food scraps, is a must. Place trash in closed bins and store food in containers that are resistant to mice.
  2. Exclusion: Caulk holes and gaps that are wider than a coin’s diameter. By the way, rats can even pass through the space of a coin with just a diameter of 19mm.
  3. Traps and Baits: Different cases require different actions. Set snap traps for mice while using bait or sticker stations for rats. Nevertheless, safety needs to be taken into account, especially in cases of homes with kids or animals.

Professional Pest Control Services

DIY methods may serve as a short-term remedy; nevertheless, an experienced pest control company in Vancouver ensures that the best and humane method of dealing with rodents is applied. In terms of pest control in Vancouver specifically, a customized approach should be developed that includes identification of the type of rodents present in the area and the most suitable techniques for safe removal.

Contact us, the pest control company, in order to solve this rodent problem of yours. With the proper advice and strategy, it will be your right to regain your space in peace. Contact us now, as we are at your service for all-inclusive pest control solutions of your specific requirements.

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