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from bandit masks to secret superpowers uncovering the untold facts about raccoons

From Bandit Masks to Secret Superpowers: Uncovering the Untold Facts About Raccoons

Assemble around city occupants and wide-open people! Now is the ideal time to highlight nature’s wicked-covered criminals – indeed, you got it, raccoons! These fuzzy little animals with notorious ‘just-pulled-off-a-heist’ facial coverings and ringed tails have been puzzling and entertaining us for a long time. You could have spotted them nonchalantly flipping your garbage bin…

here are the risks of bird feeders that you should know about in vancouver

Here Are The Risks of Bird Feeders That you Should know About in Vancouver

There is something about the birdfeeders that lets you enjoy nature in its true essence. But one thing that you may have never thought about is the risks associated with these birdfeeders if you have them on your property. In this article, we are going to help you understand these risks and tell you some…

here is how to prevent wildlife around your property in vancouver

Here is How To Prevent Wildlife Around Your Property in Vancouver?

It is important to be aware of the wildlife around your property in Vancouver and take these steps to prevent them from damaging your home or injuring you and your family. Wildlife is nice to have around, but when they become a nuisance, it is time to take action. Most people admire, and some even…

How to deal with Raccoons and other outdoor wildlife

How to deal with Raccoons and other outdoor wildlife

Due to increasing population, more and more urban areas have begun to overlap with natural surroundings and some animal species have adapted amazingly well to the presence of humans. Raccoons are one of them. They are now considered to be an urban animal species rather than a wild one because their population in cities are…

Hiring an expert to remove rodents from your Vancouver property

Hiring an expert to remove rodents from your Vancouver property

If merely thinking of a rat problem makes your skin crawl, then how would you react if you were to know that these annoyingly persistent creatures are renting out your space for the winter or even year round? A rodent problem is more serious than it appears. Recently, a woman in Alberta died after she…

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