best practices for termite resistant construction in heritage properties

Best Practices For Termite-Resistant Construction in Heritage Properties

When guarding heritage properties against termites, it’s essential not to take risks. After all, these persistent insect pests have been known to cause significant harm to buildings over time, wreaking havoc on a property’s historic value. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help ward off termite problems so your home stays strong inside and…

integrating termite control measures without compromising historical integrity

Integrating Termite Control Measures Without Compromising Historical Integrity

Do termites have you feeling overwhelmed about preserving an old home or heritage site? It’s a daunting task to keep them at bay while maintaining the structure’s integrity and beauty. But don’t worry – there are creative ways to control termites and remain faithful to the original design. Let us guide you through some innovative…

case study successful termite control in a historic landmark

Case Study: Successful Termite Control in a Historic Landmark

When saving our historical landmarks, there’s no margin for mistakes. Every construction project must be handled with the utmost detail to preserve the original structure. This was tested when Pest Control was summoned to eliminate termites from one of our legendary historic sites. In this case study, we’ll unpack how Pest Control triumphantly eradicated the…

engaging the community in termite awareness and prevention for heritage buildings

Engaging The Community in Termite Awareness and Prevention for Heritage Buildings

Have you ever considered who the silent protectors of our beloved heritage buildings are? It’s not archivists; it’s termites! These small but powerful insects have damaged some of our most precious historical monuments. Sadly, this is often due to a need for more knowledge on preventing and maintaining these structures. In this blog, we’ll delve…

working with specialized experts in termite control for historic properties

Working with Specialized Experts in Termite Control For Historic Properties

Owning a historic property can be a rewarding experience not just because of the joy of seeing an old building preserved but also because of its proper maintenance and unique care needs. For instance, when it comes to pests, not all extermination strategies fit the bill, as some techniques may be hostile to the structure…

non invasive termite control methods for heritage structures

Non-Invasive Termite Control Methods For Heritage Structures

Termites can wreak havoc on wooden structures of all shapes and sizes, even those that have been deemed heritage buildings. These prized architectural pieces deserve an extra level of protection due to their age and historical importance. Taking the traditional approach to pest infestations is simply not enough to keep termites away. Fortunately, by utilizing…

innovative technologies for termite detection and control in historic structures

Innovative Technologies For Termite Detection and Control in Historic Structures

If you haven’t considered the devastating repercussions of a termite infestation on your home or business, now is the time! Wooden structures, furniture and artwork, are especially vulnerable, contributing to costly repair bills if an infestation occurs. Fortunately for those who want expert protection without compromising the historical aspect of a space, cutting-edge solutions are…

promoting public awareness of termite threats to historic buildings

Promoting Public Awareness of Termite Threats to Historic Buildings

Summer is finally here, a time for many of us to explore the past and enjoy the beauty of architecture! People travel near and far too glorious parts of the world to admire great monuments. Still, while we embark on our extraordinary adventures, it’s essential to make sure we remain mindful. You might be cringing…

traditional and indigenous methods of termite prevention in heritage structures

Traditional and Indigenous Methods of Termite Prevention in Heritage Structures

Termites might be tiny, but have we ever seen the immense damage they can bring to our precious heritage structures? Gifts of Mandibles and a careful eye for vulnerabilities; our pivotal posts in the history of Britain are a tempting target to them! Not to worry, though! We have tips and tricks for preventing grand…

the most common pests found in educational buildings and how to identify them

The Most Common Pests Found in Educational Buildings and How to Identify Them

Keeping invasive pests out of educational buildings can be difficult due to the sheer number of classrooms and students passing through these doorways on any given school day. While it’s impossible to prevent pest intrusion completely, there are ways to protect your building from unwanted visitors. With some knowledge about the most common pests found…

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