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innovative technologies for termite detection and control in historic structures

Innovative Technologies For Termite Detection and Control in Historic Structures

If you haven’t considered the devastating repercussions of a termite infestation on your home or business, now is the time! Wooden structures, furniture and artwork, are especially vulnerable, contributing to costly repair bills if an infestation occurs. Fortunately for those who want expert protection without compromising the historical aspect of a space, cutting-edge solutions are…

collaborative partnerships between pest control professionals and heritage organizations

Collaborative Partnerships Between Pest Control Professionals and Heritage Organizations

Pest control has long been an enigma in the museum preservation space – but what if a better, more holistic approach was the answer? Think about it: if pest control professionals and cultural heritage experts collaborate, there could be huge potential to create solutions that preserve our artifacts amongst other treasured objects while also helping…

promoting public awareness of termite threats to historic buildings

Promoting Public Awareness of Termite Threats to Historic Buildings

Summer is finally here, a time for many of us to explore the past and enjoy the beauty of architecture! People travel near and far too glorious parts of the world to admire great monuments. Still, while we embark on our extraordinary adventures, it’s essential to make sure we remain mindful. You might be cringing…

traditional and indigenous methods of termite prevention in heritage structures

Traditional and Indigenous Methods of Termite Prevention in Heritage Structures

Termites might be tiny, but have we ever seen the immense damage they can bring to our precious heritage structures? Gifts of Mandibles and a careful eye for vulnerabilities; our pivotal posts in the history of Britain are a tempting target to them! Not to worry, though! We have tips and tricks for preventing grand…

the surprising reason why pests are robbing you of valuable time

The Surprising Reason Why Pests Are Robbing You of Valuable Time

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of pest problems? Do you often find yourself reaching the end of each day wondering when exactly you’ll finally be able to reclaim control of your space? You may think that with your hard work, those pesky critters would stay away by now. But don’t despair – there’s…

3 essential tips for a healthier home your pest control handbook

3 Essential Tips for a Healthier Home: Your Pest Control Handbook

Nobody likes feeling their home is taken over – and you’re not alone. From ants, cockroaches and spiders to rats or other rodents, these intruders can cause much damage if they go unchecked. But have no fear – there are some pretty excellent pest control tips you can put in place to keep the critters…

taking back your territory effective strategies for animal control in your neighborhood

Taking Back Your Territory: Effective Strategies for Animal Control in Your Neighborhood

Have you ever discovered an uninvited guest in your backyard? Has something larger than life moved in, unstoppable and unwilling to leave? You’re not alone!  There may come a time when wildlife discovers the comfort of our backyards, porches, and decks. Yet some knowledge is needed for animal control so that any homeowner can make…

from pests to peace animal control services in vancouver

From Pests to Peace: Animal Control Services in Vancouver

Have you ever gone to look outside your window and found yourself staring face-to-face with unwanted guests? Wildlife intrusions are all around us, from awkward little creatures looking for a way into our families’ homes to larger fuzzy wanderers rummaging through the trash in search of something to eat. Unpleasant and unsettling; critters coming into…

the role of landscaping in pest prevention

The Role of Landscaping in Pest Prevention

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Location is everything.” That rings especially true when it comes to landscaping and pest control. You may not think these two have much in common – but take a closer look, and you’ll soon see why your eye for the outdoors impacts the critters crawling about. Creating an outdoor…

effective pest control strategies for small spaces

Effective Pest Control Strategies for Small Spaces

Do you live in a small or tight space? Have you encountered a problem with pests, like insects sneaking into your home, no matter what preventative measures you put up? The biggest challenge for anybody who lives in an abode that is limited by size—for example, apartments and cottages—is controlling pests without hiring exterminators to…

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