The Surprising Scents That Attract Flies: A Guide for Homeowners

Are your recipes, steaks, and flowers attracting far too many uninvited guests? Don’t fret! Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about flies, we are here to let you in on a secret: these buzzy pals may be more mischievous than we thought!

It’s true – you’ve been lured into thinking the only surefire way to enchant them is tantalizing treats. But there’s more. We’ve uncovered some peculiar and unexpected smells that could deter them from entering your humble abode.

So, homeowners, it’s time to say farewell to your unwelcome fly neighbours. In this unique guide, you’ll learn all about the smells that may be drawing in even more of these uninvited guests – and some fun, foolproof ways to help put an end (literally) to the silent battles between you and the tenacious flyers. Let the outsmarting begin!

Uncovering the Mysteries of What Attracts Flies

Have you ever wondered what causes those little flying insects to buzz around? What kind of electromagnetic forces are at work here? What is attracting all these flies?!

We also know that decomposing raw fruit and vegetables can attract flies. Unsurprisingly, the rotting remains in your garbage can also gain the flies’ attention.

So the question remains: What are flies attracted to? We think the answer is quite clear – MEMORIES OF YOUR MISERABLE KITCHEN.

Scented Candles and other Strong Fragrances

Would you believe it if we told you that flies have a favourite scent? Yes, it’s true! They’ve been tricked into thinking that fragrant candles contain yummy food and, inevitably, become attracted to them. It’s incredible!

Wow, it seems like these pesky creatures can even be outwitted by a Strong citrus smell, such as lemons and garlic. Even better, these smells help eliminate any dirty food smells that may have lingered around your environment, and those blasts of citrus and garlic go around masking all the words/dirt they love most.

Can Candles really do wonders at keeping the flies away? It appears so! Even more effectively than those odorsome airplane sprays, garlic and citrus candles can be a fly’s worst nightmare. Now, that’s an innovative way of getting rid of pesky critters.

However, no matter how overpowering the scent, those flies won’t be gone for good or almost ever. If you want to fill yourself with a peaceful recess, try enhancing your ideas along with pest control experts, and locking bins away strategically and ensuring everyday cleaning routines. Now, that really is innovative thinking!

Helpful Tips for Deterring Flies Around Your Home

Are gloomy fly friends ruining your wonderful day? Fear not because we have the remedy! Introducing several helpful tips for deterring those little pesky buggers right outside your homes — fun puns included!

First off, why not give homage to our personal Shakespeare out there and “Shoo fly, don’t bother me”…with sticky notes of course! Write funny phrases all over; they’ll do the scaring!

Second, we have one for all you improvisers: cab-‘flies’! Imitate the motion of a cab, chase those little flies away and lose unnecessary baggage from your home.

Lastly, and for our most daring citizen: try control services! Have a one-on-one battle with a fly and be the winner of the many faces and orgies or flies. Remember, don’t spare anyone and wax like a monarch —they will all be overwhelmed by your heroic stance!

Altogether, sway away those bad flies and get the buzzing atmosphere back at your home!


While the best way to keep the pesky insects away is by following traditional guidelines such as keeping a clean home and disposing of garbage properly, having more knowledge about what attracts them can help you get rid of them faster once they’ve invaded your living space. If all else fails, and the flies just keep coming back no matter what you do, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in eliminating them. After all, it’s better not to have them around buzzing in your ears when you’re trying to concentrate!

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