10 Ways to Detox Your Body after Spraying Pesticides

You might have accidentally sprayed pesticides over your body while dealing with pests in Vancouver. If you don’t detox your body immediately, it could lead to grave problems. Most likely, it is nearly hard to completely avoid pesticides and alleviate their effects to ensure your good health. Nonetheless, you can detoxify your body efficiently. Various foods, supplements, and healthy practices can help remove pesticides from your body. In this post, we will discuss ten different ways you can detoxify your body from pesticides.

Ways to Detoxify Your Body From Pesticides

1. Eat Brazil Nuts:

Human bodies have a natural detoxifier, ‘Glutathione.’ Glutathione enables our liver to eradicate pesticides from our bodies. Still, it needs selenium to work, so you need to rely on a food source rich in selenium. Brazil nuts are the best to get selenium. Eating two or three Brazil nuts daily can aid you to detox your body from harmful chemicals. 

2. Milk Thistle:

Milk thistle is a natural health product in Canada. Its active extract, Silymarin, helps the liver maintaining its overall health. You may consume this health product in capsules or as a tincture to detox your body.

 3. Take Saunas, Detox Baths, and Clay Baths: 

Did you know that almost one-quarter of the toxins are eliminated through the skin? If you take saunas or detox baths, it will help you eliminate the toxic chemicals from your body. Clay baths are highly effective in pulling all toxins out of our bodies. If you want to detox your body from pesticide spray chemicals, calcium montmorillonite is your best deal for clay.

4. Consume Activated Charcoal:

Activate charcoals is safe to consume and very effective in case of poisoning. If the chemicals from pesticide spray enter your body, you may consume activated charcoal. You may use a multi-mineral supplement after finishing activated charcoal to detox your body with the best results.

 5. Eat a Lot of Alkaline Foods: 

Consuming alkaline foods is a healthier way to remove pesticide spray chemicals from your body. You can consume plenty of fruits and vegetables to detox your body and keep it healthy.

 6. Make the Most of Fiber-Rich Food: 

You can get fibre from whole bananas, potatoes alongside their skins, popcorn, nuts, beans, berries, and crunchy vegetables. Fibre-rich food can help detox your body and keep your liver healthy.

7. Consume Garlic:

If you consume garlic, it will help you fight the harmful effects of toxins. Therefore, make it a habit to consume garlic daily so that you can deal with pests.

8. Eat Eggs:

Eating eggs can aid you in removing toxins from your body and alleviate your energy levels.

9. Brush Your Skin:

If you brush your skin, it will reduce the fatigue you might have owing to pesticide exposure. It also helps our lymph drainage system remove toxins from it.

10. Exercise:

Doing exercise for 30 to 60 minutes daily will bring oxygen-rich blood to your kidneys and liver. Thus, doing regular exercises can help detox our bodies effectively.


Whether pesticides enter your body accidentally or after the pest control service has done its job, you can detox it. Here are ten ways to detox your body from pesticides:

  1. Eat Brazil nuts.
  2. Consume milk thistle.
  3. Take saunas, detox, or clay baths
  4. Consume activated charcoal
  5. Eat alkaline food.
  6. Consume fiber-rich food
  7. Consume garlic
  8. Eat eggs
  9. Brush your skin
  10. Do regular exercise

In a nutshell, always contact a pest control service that utilizes humane and friendly methods to remove pests in Vancouver.

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