How Does Pesticide Affect the Body?

Pesticides are meant to kill pests. But some pesticides are dangerous to our bodies and can cause adverse health effects for us too. The developing health effects we may experience depend on the type of pesticides or chemicals used in the products, the quantity we might encounter, and the duration of exposure. Pest control experts in Vancouver are the experts at using harsh pesticides safely when needed; therefore, you should avoid using them at all costs. More often than not, pesticides distress our nervous system, affecting the nerves and muscles in our bodies.

Health Effects from Pesticides Exposure and Its Symptoms

Some health effects may occur right away after exposure to the chemicals, and some may occur several hours after exposure. Sometimes, these effects take years to develop and result in things like cancer, for instance. Some symptoms go away once the exposure halts, and others may take some time to depart.

Mild pesticide poisoning may cause irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, and a mood change. Moderate poisoning may lead to vomiting, blurred visions, coughing, trembling, and muscular incoordination. Furthermore, the most severe poisoning can make it challenging for you to breathe, cause skin burning, and may trigger cancer and unconsciousness

People exposed to pesticides regularly should have regular medical check-ups. Pregnant women should also check with their doctors before using pesticides, as pesticides are harmful to the fetus (unborn baby).

How Do Pesticides Enter Our Bodies?

Pesticides may enter our bodies during mingling, applying, or clear-out operations. Chemicals may enter through our skin (through absorption), via the lungs (through inhalation), and by mouth (through ingestion). Let us see all of the preceding three ways of pesticides entering our bodies one by one:

1. Through Absorption By Skin or Eyes:

It is the most common way for pesticides to affect us. It happens when people mix, load, or apply the pesticides and get exposed to chemicals either via a splash or a mist. Pesticides also get absorbed by the eyes, causing eye injuries at times.

2. Through Inhalation:

Inhalation may occur when we are near powders, mists, or vapours. Low-pressure applications are less likely to hurt us; however, high-pressure pesticide application or fogging equipment has more health hazards. Pesticides with high-inhalation risks will have instructions for safe use. But even after following all the guidelines, some of it might get through.

3. Via Ingestion:

It is rare for people to get exposed to pesticides this way, but it results in the most severe poisonings. Pesticide users may accidentally swallow pesticides when eating or smoking without washing their hands first after finishing their pest control job. In addition, some people have reported that they drink pesticides that were in an unlabelled bottle or a beverage cup. This is why it is better to hire pest control experts in Vancouver or anywhere else instead of doing it yourself.

4. Can Pesticides Cause Allergic Sensations?

In some cases, pesticides can cause us allergic sensations. Allergies may either be skin or respiratory. Skin sensations include swelling, redness, itching, pain, and blistering. Respiratory allergic sensations embrace wheeziness with difficulty breathing, chest tightness, coughing, and shortness of breath. Sometimes, one may sense an asthma attack due to respiratory sensitization.


Pesticides are meant for pest control, and only pest control experts in Vancouver are encouraged to use dangerous chemicals. We may experience developing health effects after using pesticides instantly, within several hours, or even years. Therefore, people who regularly use pesticides or pregnant women who might use them should have medical check-ups with their doctors. Pesticides enter our bodies through skin/eyes, inhalation, and our mouth. Ingestion through our mouth is the rarest and the worst. Some pesticides can cause allergic reactions to our skin or affect our respiratory system. So you should never use hazardous pesticides if you do not know the safest way to use them to save yourself and others who might come in contact with their hazardous chemical.

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