Why bugs keep coming back, hire a professional


After weeks of using a homemade Borax and Sugar mix, the ants finally seem to have disappeared. You heave a sigh of relief. No more ant armies foraging your sink and dishwasher for food crumbs leaving the kids screaming in horror. And then, it happens.

One fine day you wake up to find that the ants are back. And that too, in more numbers than ever before.

What went wrong?

This is a frequent situation that is played in most homes around the world. And it happens with almost any type of pest infestation.

The first reaction that homeowners have when they suspect a pest infestation is, ‘Oh, I can handle this myself’.

But can you? And how effectively?

Thanks to the internet, people write and speak about DIY pest control methods almost as if they are gospel. But what may have worked for someone in the UK, may not work for you because you may be encountering a different species of pest.

Even if a method worked for your next door neighbor, it may not work for you. Because pests are smart and they can avoid most homemade traps and baits with ease.

What the recurrence costs you

Unlike ants, which rarely inflicts physical damage, Bed bugs can be a nightmare for a homeowner. And they are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate completely.

And the cost of removing a recurrent infestation goes way beyond what you’d pay a professional bed bug removal Vancouver company.

Most homeowners trying to deal with bedbugs themselves end up spending a lot more on mattress covers, laundry and furniture. And that constant lingering feeling that something is crawling on your skin at night, can cause extreme stress.

Hiring the experts

The successful removal of a pest infestation in your home depends on two things. Complete elimination of the existing pests and preventing the bugs from returning to plague your home.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of bugs, it is extremely difficult to do this yourself, especially if you are untrained to understand what species of bugs you are dealing with, where their nests are and how you can prevent them from hiding.

And considering the severe health implications that a cockroach or a mosquito can cause if left unabated, isn’t it better to call in the experts to handle the situation?

Most pest control companies in Vancouver today offer a wide range of services aimed at complete removal of the infestation.

After a scheduled meeting, a representative of the company visits your premises and does a thorough evaluation.

Why bugs keep coming back, hire a professional The exact nature of the infestation is identified and then, the recommended methods to eliminate the pests are suggested. If you are paranoid about the usage of toxic insecticides or rodenticides around the home, then tell the bug removal Vancouver company about this before they begin the evaluation.

There are many newer methods of pest control which are not reliant on toxic chemicals. These methods are greener and safe for children and pets too. So, save yourself the stress and call the professionals if you have uninvited pests at home.


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