Modern chemical treatments for pest control are safe and work


For many years, pest control meant the nonchalant use of insecticides and rodenticides to control infestations even in residential areas. Use of chemicals like chlorpyrifos and diazinon were rampant. Incidentally, both these chemicals were banned in 2001 by the EPA as Carcinogens.

Today, however, due to increased awareness, use of dangerous chemicals in pest control treatments is extremely low and controlled, where it is impossible to do without it. As part of safety, a consistent effort is made to minimize exposure through inhalation, skin exposure or ingestion.

Most modern pest control companies in Vancouver, rely on green pest control methods that are not toxic to humans. Also, these are more cost effective as compared to traditional methods.

Most of the green methods are aimed at preventive treatments rather than eliminating them once they have gained access to your home.

Looking beyond dangerous chemicals

It is completely possible to keep roaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes and other pests away from your home without relying on pesticides.

You just need to know which pest Control Company relies on methods that are labelled, ‘Safe around insects and pests’

One of the mistake that homeowners and families make is to hire a company without fully understanding what products are being sprayed around the house.

Most pest control companies make a full legal and medical disclosure as part of their contract. It is the clients who fail to read the fine lines. So, despite the smiling friendly demeanor, what comes out of the large silver canister may be a potential carcinogen.

If you have a toddler at home, crawling all over the floor, then this may pose grave health risks in future.

The Questions to ask

As a responsible parent, you must be diligent about the possibility of exposing your children to potentially dangerous chemicals. Be aware of some of the potentially harmful chemicals that are used inside the house. Among insecticides, organophosphates are considered to be more toxic than others.

So be prepared to ask the pest control representative about the chemicals that will be used for eliminating the problem.

  • Check if there are preventive methods that can be used to reduce the risk of an infestation
  • If baits are used, ensure that they are put into plastic bait stations
  • Can the use of chemicals be avoided?
  • Are there alternative methods to control the infestation like heat treatment for bedbugs?
  • Ask for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and specimen label for each chemical used inside and in the exterior of the house
  • Ask about the potential hazards of exposure to the chemical
  • Ask how exposure can be minimized (Avoiding the premises for a few hours/days)

Pest control at home

Modern chemical treatments for pest control Effective pest control begins at home. Start off by keeping your premises clean and free of any stagnant water (mosquitoes), discarded or spilled food (roaches) and seal any entry and exit points (rodents).

If a pest has invaded your home, then speak to your pest control company Vancouver about safe methods  to get rid of the problem.

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