How Heat Treatment for pest control works

Despite being aware of the potential health hazards caused by roaches, mosquitoes and rodents, families are beginning to shy away from using traditional pest control methods due to the more severe health effects of pesticide exposure.

Let’s face it. Nobody likes bug infestations. But would you risk exposing your children to chemicals that can affect the central nervous system a few years later?

That’s precisely the reason why pest control companies use Heat treatment for pest infestations wherever possible.

Using a controlled temperature spike, pests like bed bugs and cockroaches are eliminated without using any harsh chemicals.

Understanding heat treatment

Heat treatment for bedbugs and other pests works by increasing the temperature in the infested room up to 56 degrees using heat exchangers, pipes and boilers. An array of pipes, thermometers and infrared cameras keep track of any areas where the temperature is below the intended number, so that bugs cannot seek shelter in such areas.

These areas are called ‘Cold Zones’ in pest control jargon and it is extremely important for the treatment to be effective that cold zones are spotted early and treated.

The increased temperature is fatal to the insect at any stage of its lifecycle. So irrespective of whether its dormant eggs, larvae or full grown adults, nothing can run under the mattress and hide. There is no escape.

Unlike chemical treatments which do not immediately kill the insects, heat treatment kills the insects immediately.

Most pest control companies Vancouver apply a preventive shield to prevent chances of a re-infestation.

Is heat treatment right for my home?

If you are looking for a pest control solution that does not rely on pesticides or harsh chemicals, then heat treatment may be the perfect option for you to keep bed bugs and roaches away from your home.

Due to the simplicity of the treatment method and the effectiveness, it is now the chosen method for eliminating pests in commercial spaces like hotels and offices.

One of the concerns that homeowners may have is, ‘Will the temperature spike affect my furniture or walls?’

The answer is no.

Electrical appliances are inspected for signs of an infestation and moved to other areas of the room before the treatment is started.

Heat Treatment for pest control The temperature spike is controlled and usually does not cause any damage to furniture or walls. In some older buildings, it may cause the plaster to dry out and fall. So, you may want to speak to your pest control company about heat treatments bedbugs.

The advantages of heat treatment


  • Zero chemicals and pesticides used in the treatment
  • Extremely effective in eliminating insect infestations in all stages of their lifecycle
  • Instant results. Some places with extreme levels of bedbug infestations were cleaned within 24 hours. Ordinary fumigation may have taken it weeks to remove completely.
  • Leaves no place for the pests to hide.
  • Companies apply a protective shield that prevents an infestation after treatment


If you wish to know more about heat treatment for pest control, then speak to your pest control company in Vancouver today.


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