How to deal with spiders in your home


Most homeowners have zero tolerance for anything that’s tiny and crawls or scuttles around the house. And if it has 8 legs, it’s the worst kind.

Arachnophobes may have a tough time this year as spider populations are soaring and a lot of these tiny critters may seek refuge in your home.

Contrary to what you may think, not all spiders are harmful or bite humans. In fact, most of them would prefer to just run away and hide. And they do their bit to keep the insect population in check. But there are a few that you’d want to avoid coming in contact with.

Irrespective of whether you fear spiders or not, a spider crawling on your pillow as you rest or finding one in your bathtub is not fun. What if there are more than a few in your house?

It’s time to call in the experts. Most exterminators in Vancouver offer easy and fast removal of spider infestations.

What kind of spider are you dealing with?

The first and most important thing that you must know is what kind of spider you are dealing with. Is it the kind that can hurt you or your family?

There are almost 17 species of Spiders that are commonly found in British Columbia. Of these, most do not invade homes looking for food or shelter.

A few that may find a way into your home are:

  1. Giant House Spider
  2. Wolf Spider
  3. Cellar Spider
  4. Fishing Spider

None of these spider species are considered to be dangerous or known to bite humans. The Giant House Spider is a harmless spider species that’s very similar to the Hobo Spider in appearance.

The following spiders may also rarely find their way into your home, especially by latching on to luggage after travel or piggybacking in your car.

  1. Hobo Spider  (Dangerous)
  2. Black Widow (Dangerous)
  3. Brown Recluse (Dangerous)

The Hobo can bite and its bite can cause an ulcerous wound and flu like symptoms. These spiders are said to be more aggressive than other species. And if you suspect that you have a hobo spider infestation at home, call the Exterminator Vancouver company right away.

How professionals remove spider infestations

Most professional Insect removal companies in Vancouver will begin by inspecting your property for signs of spider infestations. Spiders are an easy species to spot unlike bedbugs, who are notorious for their ability to hide.

Spiders leave a visible trail of webs and are mostly in and around their webbing waiting for prey (small insects). Some species of spiders prefer dark and cool places to rest in. The infamous Black Widow, for example, prefers dark places and may even end up in your shoe.

Thankfully, Black Widows are rarely found in homes in Vancouver.

How to deal with spiders in your home If the Pest Control Company detects a problem species, then they suggest the use of the most suitable solutions that can permanently eliminate the problem. If it involves the use of chemicals, they will be as forthcoming as they can and explain to you, the potential hazards of exposure to such chemicals.

Most companies have alternative treatment methods nowadays that does not rely on the use of chemicals.

So, pick up the phone and call the professionals to handle the spider menace.


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