How to deal with Raccoons and other outdoor wildlife

Due to increasing population, more and more urban areas have begun to overlap with natural surroundings and some animal species have adapted amazingly well to the presence of humans.

Raccoons are one of them.

They are now considered to be an urban animal species rather than a wild one because their population in cities are almost ten times higher than their population in forests.

And with such a substantial presence, it is no wonder that they often find their way into homes looking for food or shelter or both.

A raccoon in a home is a recipe for disaster. They prefer nesting in the attic and are known to rip open a large hole usually make a huge mess, leave tons of droppings, knock over the trash cans, empty your bird feeders, break insulation pipes, damage ducts and raid dumpsters. They can also poop in your swimming pool or scoop out your favorite gold fish from the fish pond.

Apart from the damage they cause, Raccoons can also harbor disease causing germs including Salmonella, Rabies, Raccoon roundworm and many others.

Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

The first thing to do is to determine whether you have a Raccoon living in your home. Here are some ominous signs which may indicate the presence of this extremely intelligent critter.

  • You can hear gnawing or scratching noises in the attic
  • You have seen droppings that are bigger than those of a feral cat
  • You can see hair that has been shed by the raccoon
  • The garbage cans are being knocked over frequently at night time

Despite being labelled as Urban animals, Raccoons are in reality, wild animals and if you suspect that your home is being invaded by a raccoon or a family of them, then your first action should be to call a pest control company in Toronto who specialize in tackling Raccoons and other wildlife.

How the experts handle it

Every Raccoon situation demands a unique approach. In many cases, there are baby Raccoons in the attic which also must be removed to clear the infestation.

In some cases, baby raccoons can fall into a void in the walls and get trapped there.

You may also have problems with other wildlife like Moles and voles, which can build extensive tunnel networks causing severe damage to the property.

Wildlife infestations demand a specialized approach and skills which only few pest control companies in Toronto possess.

  • When is the animal usually active?
  • What does it eat?
  • How does it hunt?
  • Where does it nest?
  • Can it be dangerous?
  • Is it diseased?
  • How can it be humanely removed without using poison?

It’s a lot more complicate than it actually looks like. And that’s precisely why DIY methods in controlling Wildlife pest infestations rarely work. Because without completely understanding what you are dealing with, you will try a wide range of methods to get rid of the critters. This will only give the critters more time to expand their turf into other areas of your property.

So, if you have a problem with Raccoons, Squirrels, Possums, moles or other wildlife, speak to a Exterminator Toronto today.

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