Hiring an expert to remove rodents from your Vancouver property

If merely thinking of a rat problem makes your skin crawl, then how would you react if you were to know that these annoyingly persistent creatures are renting out your space for the winter or even year round?

A rodent problem is more serious than it appears.

Recently, a woman in Alberta died after she was exposed to an extremely dangerous virus called ‘Hantavirus’ that is normally carried by deer mice. The virus is present in rodent droppings, saliva and urine and is transmitted to humans when they come into to contact with either of these, or even if they breathe in dust that is contaminated with the urine or feces.

Like any other pest invading your home, rodents can quickly multiply, inflict serious damage to your furniture and worse of them all, contaminate your food and surroundings with potentially fatal viruses that can endanger the health of your family.

Thankfully, a rodent infestation is a lot easier to tackle if you detect the signs early and seek help from a Pest control company Vancouver.

Why DIY rodent control is not effective

Many homeowners feel that a rodent problem does not warrant the services of an exterminator. A few DIY methods is all it takes to get rid of the mice and the rats.

Well, its not so simple and here’s why.

  • All it takes is a hole the size of quarter for a rat to enter your premises. How would you detect these entry points??
  • If you have rodents living in your walls, no amount of traps or baits is going to completely eliminate them.
  • You need to know where to install the barriers for it to be most effective. This is where the expertise and skills of a pest control company Vancouver will prove to be helpful.
  • You can use Peppermint oil or ultrasonic repellers or anything else that is sold online. But it will hardly make a difference to an existing infestation.
  • Rodents are persistent. Even if you were successful in removing an infestation it does not mean that they wont return to your premises. A rodent control Vancouver company can create barriers that protect your home

Why hire an expert

Because Rodents are gifted with an instinct that makes them avoid traps and baits. If you have a severe infestation and you are seeing the ominous signs like Rodent droppings and holes in the walls, then the situation may already have escalated beyond your control.

And hiring a rodent control Vancouver company is so much easier. All you need to do is call the company and an expert exterminator will visit your premises, analyze the extent of the infestation and provide you with the estimates.

Tips for speaking to your rodent control Vancouver company

Hiring an expert to remove rodents from your Vancouver property When you speak to the pest control company, ask them a few questions that will clarify the doubts that you may have in your mind.

  • What methods do they employ to kill rodents?
  • What is the average timeframe needed to exterminate rodents completely from your home?
  • Does the company offer a guarantee on their services?
  • Do they give you a free estimate?

Speak to a rodent control Vancouver company today and you will spend less time waking up every night to weird noises around the house.

waheed ahmed

Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

Holding a Masters Degree in Agriculture, Waheed fulfilled his vision of helping people with their pest control problems in the Greater Vancouver area. Due to his passion for people, he ensures the best customer service available in the industry. For over 20 years, Waheed continues to help rid homes and business of pests.

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