3 Myths About Ants You Need to Stop Believing

There are so many pests that look for warmth, food and shelter. That’s why they will head towards your house. One of the pesky pests that you might come across is ants. No matter what, you would have to deal with the ants at some point in life.

Different types of ants cause different problems. For instance, the carpenter ants could cause damage to your house, and the fire ants could sting humans, which is tremendously painful. Let us tell you that if you see the activity of the ants in your house, you should not ignore it. It could cause a lot of nuisances if the ant infestation grows. Search for the best exterminator company that is experts in handling ant infestation. They will handle everything for you.

On the other hand, there are so many myths about ants. In this article, we will let you know about them so that you stop believing them.

Let’s get started!

Vinegar Can’t Repel Ants 

You must be familiar with the trails of the ants. They are usually marching in lines toward the food source. With the help of pheromones, all other ants get to know where exactly the food source is. As soon as other ants know about the food source, they rush towards it to get the food and bring it back to their nest. As the ants produce the pheromones, it becomes easy for other ants to get to the food source.

You must use vinegar if you don’t want to see these trails in your house. It would help you deter the ants and get rid of the trail. It is just a myth that vinegar doesn’t help repel ants. We assure you that it does work well to repel the ants. You have to spray the vinegar in those areas where you usually see them entering your home.

Save Citrus Fruits For juices.

Many people believe that citrus fruits don’t help get rid of ants. They purchase them for eating purposes and make juice out of them. Little do they know that your home would be ant-free if you used lemons. Citrus scents can disturb ant trails, causing them to panic since the pheromones they follow are no longer present. Also, it would help you to kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get to deter the ants and make your house smell good with the citrus fruits.

Cinnamon is only suitable for baking.

We all know that cinnamon is essential for baking purposes. But do you know about any other use of cinnamon? Yes! You guessed it right. It is incredible for pest control, especially ant control in Vancouver and beyond.

The ants don’t like the smell of cinnamon at all. They avoid going to places where they sense cinnamon smell. That’s why you can apply the cinnamon in those areas where you have observed their activity.


Some of the most common myths are described above. There are some more myths about it as well. But, they are just misconceptions. You don’t have to believe in them.

If you observe ants, mosquitoes, termites, or other pests in your house. Make sure you contact the exterminator as soon as possible to get your home treated.

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