4 Facts About Fleas You Should Know in Vancouver

There are many fleas in the world, including the Ctenocephalides felis, the ‘cat flea’ being one of the most common and widespread. Just like its name, the cat fleas, for the most part, inhabit domestic cats, but they can also infest other pets and animals in the city, such as dogs, foxes, rats, possums, and dogs.

1. Flea Infestations

There are usually quite a few ways to find adult fleas. Fleas are extremely easy to find on your pet’s fur if you regularly examine them for them. The adult flea population only comprises about 5% of the flea population as a whole. About 50% of the population is estimated to be eggs, 35% in the larval (caterpillar) stage, and 10% in the pupal stage (cocoon). As with many infestations, the problem is much worse than it may seem at first glance. 

It is estimated that you cannot detect 95% of the flea population in your home with the naked eye. Because the eggs are so small, it is common to find them nestled deep inside carpets or wherever your pet likes to rest while sleeping. It is estimated that female fleas can live up to 100 days while laying anywhere from 400 to 500 eggs a day. Therefore, it is possible for the problem to grow at a rapid rate. If you find fleas in your pet’s fur, call a pest control company. Bathing your pet might not be enough.

2. Fleas Can Bite Humans Too

It is true that fleas prefer to live on hairy animals, including dogs, cats, and other domesticated and wild animals, but if need be, fleas are able to bite humans. Generally, this will be the case following the departure of the current host from the area. In many cases, people believe they should leave their pets outdoors once they find fleas on them. However, this can be more harmful than useful. There are many fleas still stuck inside, and since they are unable to feed on dogs and cats anymore, they will turn to feeding on whatever warm-blooded vertebrates they can find, including humans. After being away from home with your pet for a few days, you will immediately notice the presence of fleas. You will likely find that when you return to your home, you will see fleas jumping around your house at the moment you open your front door.

The reason for this is that they haven’t eaten for such a long time, which means they’re looking to take the first available host who comes into contact with them, which is likely to be you.

3. Signs of Your Pets Having Fleas

If your pet scratches consistently, that is one of the biggest signs that they are stung by fleas. There is a strong possibility that your dog or cat has fleas if you notice that they are grooming and scratching themselves more than usual.

When you suspect that there is a problem with your pet’s fur, make sure you thoroughly inspect it and take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

It is rare for fleas to harm humans, but they can harm animals. For the sake of keeping fleas away from your furry friend in the future, be sure to ask your veterinarian about a continuous flea prevention treatment regimen. You can also contact us and we will ensure that your house is pest-free.

4. What are Flea Bites Like?

There are many species of fleas that can be found in cats, but the most common is the cat flea. They love to feed on both humans and dogs, which is contrary to their name.

If you are bitten by a flea of whatever species, however, you will likely suffer the same symptoms regardless of what species you are bitten by. Here are some of these symptoms:

  • Bite marks that are small, itchy, red, and do not grow in size
  • Group bites of 3 or 4 together
  • Bite after bite in a straight line
  • Bite marks mainly around the ankles and legs
  • Besides bites around the waist, you may also find bites on the armpits, the breasts, the groin, the folds of the elbows and knees.


Fleas usually enter your home through an animal, which is why they are biting you. You can also get flea bites without having a pet. Fleas also prefer to hang out in grassy areas with lots of shade, such as around decks and sheds. You should contact a pest control professional immediately if you are concerned about a flea infestation in your home.

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