All About Paper Wasps in Vancouver

One of the most invasive species of wasps is paper wasps. They first appeared in Vancouver in 2004, and since then, they quickly spread throughout southern areas. They caused significant damage to many crops, including berry farms, vineyards and many other fruit crops. They tend to damage the area where they take up residence. If you find them around your property, the best option is to call pest control service to take care of them because of their aggressive nature.

Fact: Traditional honey bees only sting once to get rid of the intruder, but paper wasps can stings multiple times until they successfully get rid of the intruder, so beware!

5 Things That Attracts Paper Wasps

If you start noticing paper wasps flying around your property, there are ample chances that they have successfully planted their nest on or inside your property. Here are five things that may have led them to your house.

Safe Refuge

One of the major reasons is the hidden cracks and less crowded places around your house that allowed these wasps to find safe refuge.

Insect Availability

If you have plenty of insects around your garden, be prepared to welcome these uninvited guests on your property. They look for prey around gardens and places that have the presence of different insects. If you think positively, they are great pest terminators.

Leftover Meals

Wasps find protein-based food when they hunt to feast. If you like to cook food in your yard, make sure you clean, so they don’t find your garden as an open buffet.

Sweet Food

Just like us, wasps also have a change of taste. If you have plenty of fruits growing inside your garden, you may end up having paper wasps. It is dangerous for you and your fruits, so be mindful of it.


Flowers are the primary food source for paper wasps. So don’t be surprised if you see them flying around your garden. There are two reasons why they are attracted to flowers, one is nectar, and the second is pollen. And if you have scented flowers, then they will be most likely attract the aroma.

How Serious Are They?

However, paper wasps are considered beneficial since they are a great pest terminator. But once they find a place to reside, they will make it hard for you to live peacefully. Their sting is extremely painful, and many people have serious reactions to their venom.

How To Get Rid of Them?

There are plenty of ways to help you get rid of them or stop them from infesting your property in the first place. Here are some of the most common ways you can try to keep your home wasp-proof.

Inspect Your Home

Inspecting your home is the first thing you should do to make sure if you have wasps or not. An inspection will help you identify the actual method you need to get rid of them—from inside to outside, including your yard. You can ask a pest control company in Vancouver to come and perform the inspection. They will tell you the level of infestation, what to do about it, and how soon it can be eliminated, among other things.

Spray Them

Wasps don’t like vinegar because of its odour. Mix vinegar in water and fill your water sprayer and spray around areas that you think are the perfect hiding place for them. Be mindful that they are aggressive, and you might not want to engage yourself without proper safety precautions. Choosing a pest control company should always be your priority.

Clean Clean Clean

Cleaning your inside and outside of the property is a great way to cut food sources for wasps and many other pests. If they don’t find anything to feast on, they might not want to build a nest.

Final Words

The presence of paper wasps can be beneficial, but it should never be an option to give them a passage so they could build a nest. They are aggressive and can make things difficult for you if you let them. Be careful when you try wasp control, as their venom is extremely painful. Now that you have all the options in front of you, we leave you with your better judgment.

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