How to Eliminate Fleas from Your House in Vancouver?

You need more than some simple tips on bathing your dog to learn how to get rid of fleas. It takes more than one treatment to eradicate a flea infestation. This war could last for days or even weeks because of the fleas’ life cycle, abilities, and habits. The job is not easy, but it must be done properly. This guide will teach you how to get rid of fleas in the house.

Find the Source

Pets usually cause infestations of fleas. Fleas may have been introduced during boarding or playdates or while your pet ran around in the yard. That does not matter right now. It’s always best to tackle the problem at its source as soon as possible. If your pet keeps bringing fleas into the house, it does no good to treat the entire home.

Make sure to pay special attention to the neck and tail of your pet since these are fleas’ favourite areas. You can kill the fleas you comb off by dropping them into hot soapy water. You should also discuss flea control with your veterinarian. 

Is Your House Prepared For Flea Treatment?

Make sure that all the loose items in your carpet are picked up. Examples include toys, books, boxes, papers, and clothes. Make sure your vacuum can reach all carpet surfaces. Make sure you remove everything inside the closets and under the beds. Consider moving furniture as well. The fleas will not be able to get under larger objects like dressers or bookcases, so you can leave them as they are.

Also, Move Children and Pets

Pets such as birds and fish should also be removed from the house, in addition to cats and dogs. Water dishes and food bowls, as well as aquariums and birdcages, should be covered. Shut off any aerators or heat rocks in fish tanks or reptile tanks that support the pet’s environment. Your entire family should be out of the house when you do this.

What to do If You Have a Severe Flea Infestation?

If your pet has a flea infestation, you should destroy all of its bedding. 

Fleas and the eggs they lay can be destroyed by washing bedding thoroughly with hot, soapy water during a mild or light infestation. For at least one month, or until you are sure the infestation is over, you will need to wash your pet’s bedding like this every week. The best way to prevent reinfestations is to clean your pet’s bedding regularly. Dry cleaning is also an option, but take care not to spread fleas to the dry cleaner’s company. The best option is to call a pest control company in Vancouver to ensure the permanent elimination of fleas. 

Create a Plan of Attack

After a thorough cleaning, walk through each room, searching for fleas and larvae. A flea’s appearance in a carpet may resemble tiny dark dots that disappear as quickly as they appeared. Your pets’ sleeping accommodations are a prime breeding ground for fleas. They also avoid areas in the house where there is a lot of direct sunlight, and they prefer to hang out in areas with little foot traffic.

Look for dried feces and blood left behind by fleas. Pet bedding should have these stains, as should lighter coloured rugs. Flea dirt is another name for these dried flea secondary signs, which look like black pepper specks or black dandruff. Before becoming pupae, flea larvae consume this flea dirt. Removing it eliminates the food source for an infestation. Look for flea dirt in those areas. To kill fleas in your house, pay special attention to these breeding grounds during the next step: vacuuming.

Final Word

Fleas are a difficult pest to eliminate in the home. The process can be time-consuming and not always successful. You may need to continue killing fleas for two weeks or more even if you do everything right. However, you are not on your own. Just contact us, and we will help you with your flea infestation. 

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