What You Should Know About The Great Black Wasp in Canada

Many types of wasps are found around the western side, mainly because of the climate and the weather. There are wasps of various species, and a number of them sting and are pretty dangerous. There are solitary wasps that may not have a huge nest or may never infest your house, but they can set up their little nest inside or around your house, and that can be a great danger for you and your family. These are the black wasps that are very common. This article is all about the great black wasp in Canada that you should know. 

What Is A Black Wasp?

The black wasp, also known as the Sphex Pensylvanicus, is the type of wasp species found easily across North America. They are quite adaptable, and they remain active throughout the year. 

What Does A Great Black Wasp Look Like?

The great black wasps look as you might imagine them. Unlike other wasps, these wasps don’t have stripes or any other kind of marking on them. They have a large body with huge wings, a gigantic head, with very tiny eyes. They have a thin waist and large back end. The size sets them apart from other wasps as they can easily grow up to 3 inches. The female species of great black wasps because they have to carry a powerful stinger. This is one of the many reasons why great black wasps are so dangerous. 

Do Black Wasps Make Nests?

Yes, great black wasps do make nests. However, their nest are different, unlike the other wasps. Thye dig their nest into the ground, and as mentioned earlier, they are solitary wasps. They don’t create huge colonies. Their nest can have multiple larvae and many eggs. 

What Is A Black Wasp’s Nest Like?

Great black wasps are somewhat similar to tarantula hawk wasps. The main similarity is the venom they both carry in their stinger, and they both lay their eggs on other insects. Both of these wasps hunt down other large insects, but they both have different tastes when they hunt.

How Do Black Wasps Lay Their Eggs?

Great black wasps sting other prey several times. When they successfully paralyze the prey, they keep them alive. The female black wasp carries the prey to their underground nest then she lays her egg right on their stomach. This is because when the eggs hatch, they devour the prey. The venom does not kill the prey but keeps it alive until the eggs are hatched. The prey is a food source for its new generation.

Final Words

Great black wasps are extremely dangerous and pose a serious threat to you and your family. If you ever encounter them inside or near your house, contacting a pest control company for wasp nest removal is the best option.  

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