Ant Season in Vancouver: How to Get Rid of Them

If ants have invaded your home, it is nothing to be ashamed of. During spring in Vancouver, these six-legged scavengers tend to invade properties indiscriminatingly looking for crumbs, oil, grease, spills, and other accessible stuff in your pantry. Ants leave an invisible trail that is often followed by another army of their relatives and friends. That means ant infestation grows very fast, a reason you should get ant control services Vancouver for proper inspection and extermination of these pests.

Types of ants

Here are some of the common ants in Vancouver.

Carpenter ants: Swarms of carpenter ants appear in the spring. They can cause significant damage to both dry and moist wood, particularly wood that has been damaged by water leaks. Carpenter ants rarely come into contact with people, and that means they can compromise the structural integrity of your property long before you realize that the property has been invaded by ants.

Argentine ants: These ants prefer sweet food. They also feed on both live and dead insects, cereals, meat, and damaged fruits. Argentine ants infestations grow fast and can drive all other types of ants from your property.

Fire ants: In addition to destroying plants and being unsightly, fire ants react aggressively and inflict an excruciating sting if aggravated. This is the primary reason you should get professional ant extermination services when dealing with fire ant infestations.

Sugar ants: They are majorly attracted to moisture. Thus, moist rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms are more susceptible to sugar ants infestation.

Why should you hire professional ant extermination services?

The most challenging thing about handling ants infestations is killing them and panic isn’t the big thing. Ants, particularly carpenter ants, can bring your property down and if not well-exterminated, there is a good chance the infestation will continue to grow. This is because the queen-ants will disperse and re-establish new colonies elsewhere. Therefore, you should hire an expert in pest control Vancouver.

Pest control companies like Pesticon have the knowledge and pieces of equipment required to exterminate ants. They can apply different products to control ants without endangering your loved ones. Another benefit of working with experts is that they can conduct subsequent inspections just to be sure that your property is ants-free.

While DIY pest control seems to be cheaper, it’s always expensive in the long-run as infestations recur.

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