Raccoon Control Tips that Work in Vancouver

Raccoons are a restless bunch. You will never see them resting. They are always on the lookout for new places to nest. They are pretty adorable, but they can wreak havoc when inside your house. They especially love places that humans have forgotten. This includes basements and attics.

You have to do something as soon as possible to get rid of these raccoons. The best solution is to call the pest control company so they can remove the raccoons safely and securely.

You must be wondering why do raccoons get into your house in the first place? And, what are the tips for raccoon control?

This article will discuss all the nitty-gritty details regarding how you can get rid of them.

Raccoons in the garden

As we said above, the raccoons could damage the attic or the basement severely. That’s why you shouldn’t just ignore these raccoons when they are in the attic and call the pest control technician as soon as possible, so they don’t cause a lot of damage. But don’t worry if they show up in your garden. They love to explore and are extremely curious. Just make sure that there aren’t any ways they can enter your home.

Don’t Feed The Animals

If you want to prevent the wildlife from entering your property, you should stop feeding the animals. When you feed animals, they go and tell all their friends, and they tell their friends. Soon, you will have all types of animals roaming around your house looking for food. For instance, you might have installed the bird feeder just to feed the bird, right? But, little do you know that it could be a starting point for the squirrel infestation. That’s a problem for those who love to watch the birds. But don’t worry. Just squirrel proof your bird feeder and watch away.

Scare the Raccoons  

Raccoons are timid animals. They get scared very easily. Isn’t that a good thing to scare them so that they don’t come back? Well, that might work only work sometimes. If you do that, they will not come near your property for few days, but once they feel like it’s safe for them to come back to your place, they will not stop. However, that doesn’t mean that just a “BOO” sound would scare them. One of the proven ways you can scare them off is simply playing the radio at a very high volume.


These are some of the tips for raccoon control. You can do them if they come to your house once in a blue moon. However, if you frequently see them, you shouldn’t deal with them by yourself. We would never recommend controlling the wildlife without the professional.

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