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Termites and Ants Control Vancouver

Termites and Ants Control Vancouver

Are Termites Killing your Home?

Termites and carpenter ants can cause serious problems for your home or business. If the problem is left unchecked, you will have damage to the property especially when it comes to wood-based fittings or structural components.

If you notice termites, you should call the Vancouver pest control professionals, Pesticon right away to prevent further damage if possible. If damage has occurred, Pesticon will further contain the source of the problem and eradicate it before more damage occurs. Some websites and/or stores sell “do-it-yourself” termite treatments, but they are seldom powerful enough to eliminate an infestation. In the case of a termite infestation, it is best to leave treatment to a pest control professional.

How do you choose who to call to fix your termite problems? When evaluating pest control companies, look for a company that has a proven track record of success in combating termites. At Pesticon, we pinpoint the source of your infestation, use specialized sprays and powders to kill the termites that are there, and use habitat modification techniques to make the area unappealing as a home for termites and ants in the future.

How Termites Get In

Termites are subterranean, which means their nests are in the ground. The need a moisture rich environment to survive. This means Vancouver and BC are an ideal ground. Termites survive by building mud tubes or shelter tubes – which are like survival tunnels. Termites will use these tubes to get into concrete through cracks. The other way they will get into your home or business is through direct contact to wood. Direct contact damage isn’t easily visible because it may not be on the surface.

Pesticon Termite Control

Our pest control techniques are designed to be safe and efficient, minimizing the impact of pest control treatments on both your life and the environment. Before we leave, we make sure that all of the entryways where termites can find their way into your home or business are sealed so that the termites cannot return. We will also perform a follow-up inspection to be certain that your termite problem has been solved. Trust Pesticon for your Vancouver termite control needs. We use the following to remove termites:

Our Termite Extermination technicians are highly trained and no matter what your problem, will take care of business. Contact Pesticon with confidence in the Greater Vancouver Area today.


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Don’t take chances, Call us for your Termite problems in Vancouver

We recommend taking all of the necessary steps to make sure you don’t bring home bed bugs in the first place, including never buying used or second-hand upholstered furniture or mattresses, washing all clothing immediately after returning from a trip and drying them on your dryer’s hottest setting, and carefully reading all online reviews for hotels before booking a reservation. If there is even one mention of at a particular hotel, we strongly advise staying elsewhere for your trip. Bed bugs are not the ideal souvenir to bring home from a trip!

Sometimes, however, it is too late to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. In those times, call on Pesticon.

At Pesticon, we pride ourselves on helping our Vancouver customers get rid of bed bugs and other pests for good. If you live in the Vancouver area and have a bed bug problem, call us today for your free consultation.

We’ll give you all the information you need to make the decision to exterminate the bed bugs in your home, and if you choose to work with us, we’ll make sure the job is done right! We offer a 6-month guarantee on our work – if the pests come back, we come back!

Pesticon has comprehensive methods to remove bed bugs. We Offer the Following Treatments for Bed Bug Eradication:

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Professional Termite Control Vancouver

Contracting the services of a professional termite control service can have a lot of advantages especially when you compare it to handling the pests by yourself. These termite control companies have highly trained technicians who understand the intricacies of managing termite infestations. If you are yet to be convinced about the protection these professional pest control in Vancouver, consider the five reasons below:

  • Custom Plans

When you hire the services of termite control professionals, they devise plans that are made to suit the specific needs of your home. The size of your home, level of termite infestation and how to set up long term prevention barriers are all considerations the experts pay attention to. If you have new construction, the professionals can set up perimeter treatment to keep the termites at bay. An added benefit is that the fumigators will continue to inspect your home and show you the exact treatment areas and those that need improvement.

  • Cost

The cost of retaining a professional termite control service can add up to a few hundred dollars a year. However, the price of the service is less than the cost which will arise from having to repair the homes when termites attack. If you examine the cost objectively, what you are paying for is expert knowledge and specialized tools to handle your infestation problem. In the long run, the total amount compared to repairing prolonged termite damage is mere pennies.

  • Knowledge

The termite control technicians are well trained to know the products to use for varying levels of infestation and how they work. Although most companies make use of green products that are safe for the environment, if the need arises to use hazardous products, they know to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Time

Termite infestations, for the most part, is not a one-time thing. The termites may keep coming back mainly if the root of the problem is not dealt with. Controlling the infestation takes time which you may not have.

If you are looking to manage the infestation on your own, this may eat into the time you already have set aside for something else. It is the job of the professional termite control service to handle infestations so they can quickly create the necessary time.

  • Safety

Not all risks are worth taking especially if it has to do with your life. Using the wrong termite elimination method can bring about severe consequences for you and your family. Making use of an exterminator means hiring someone who has experience dealing with potential termites’ nests and the risks inherent in treating them.


It is quite easy to purchase products labeling themselves as the number one treatment for curbing termites, but these products are one-off. Not all of them work the way they claim to. On the other hand, when you hire a top-tier professional termite control service, you get full extermination all year round. You can also be better assured of the fact that your family will be safe. So, why not save yourself time and money by using a professional!

5 Interesting Facts About Ants Control

Are ants more of a nuisance than a pest? The answer to this question depends on which area of the world you reside in. However, one thing that can be said about these creatures is that their presence in your home can only lead to damage. So, if you find yourself in an ant dilemma it probably would be best to arm yourself with the following information on ant control:

Fact #1: Ants have more than 12,000 species

Ants are workers and operate as a factory. Therefore, it is no surprise that their species is over 12000. Some of the most popular species include:

  • Odorous ant: dark brown in color and 1/8-inch long. They issue out a smell when crushed and love sweet things. They can be found in wall voids, heaters, and pipes.
  • Argentine ant: dull brown in color and 1/8-inch long. They emit a musty smell when crushed and feed on fresh fruits. They can be found under the carpet and in baseboards.
  • Carpenter ant: red, black or red and black. They are 1/2- to 1/4-inch long. They feed on fruits, sweets and both dead and live insects. They can be found boring into door frames and window frames to make nests.
  • Red ant: red with teeth on the front of the head. They eat insects and fruits. They can be found in walls and under carpets. They are known for their vicious bites.

Fact #2: Ant colonies are bigger than your average ant farm

If you see an ant crawling on your kitchen table, chances are there are 11 more where that came from. Ant colonies can be found in any shape or size. For a few species, a few dozen ants might be enough to form a colony. However, your average ant colony consists of thousands of individual ants.

The smaller colonies are the ones you find in openings or natural crevices around or within your home. On the other hand, the vast colonies create hills and large nests before foraging for food and supplies. You might be able to deal with the small settlements independently, but when faced with the larger ones, it would be best to seek a professional’s help.

Fact #3: Ants can be found almost anywhere on Earth

Think your house is safe from ants? Wrong! Unless you reside in the Arctic, Antarctica or an island like Greenland, your home is not safe from ants. The broad distribution of ants is rivaled by that of the humans with around 1 million humans to 1 million ants. So, always check your home to make sure that no openings or cranny serves as a home to these creatures.

Fact #4: Ants can swim

For some individuals without pesticides on hand for the killing of small ants, water is used as a substitute. But, did you know that ants swim? Well, not all ants but some species.  When we say swim, please refrain from imagining an ant performing a breaststroke or butterfly.

Ants can survive in water by paddling their little feelers. They can also float for long periods of time. Now, ants do not have lungs but can breathe underwater for an extended period. They can achieve this by breathing oxygen through their spiracles. You may have to think twice before spraying that hose of water in hopes of chasing them away.

Fact #5: Ants know when you are coming for them

Unlike other pests which listen out with their ears for human movement, ants do not have that luxury. Ants do not have ears, but that does not mean they cannot sense changes. The ants make use of vibration to hear. This ability comes in handy when they are foraging for food or when they sense danger. The subgenual organ of their body which is below the knee is responsible for picking up the vibrations.