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Residential Bees Control Services Vancouver

Great in the ecosystem, not so much for kids

Bees are a natural and helpful part of our Vancouver ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and create honey that humans like to eat. But what happens when bees decide to make your house into their home? Bees that invade your residence can be dangerous, particularly for children and those with allergies. At that point, it becomes necessary to find a way to get rid of your bees.

Understand the problem

First things first, you must make sure that you truly do have a bee problem and not a wasp problem. Bees and wasps can be difficult to tell apart due to the similarities in their coloring. Most bees, particularly honeybees, are not naturally aggressive and only attack humans if they have been provoked. Bees have round, fat, hairy bodies and live in geometric wax beehives.

Bee Control services Vancouver

Wasps, on the other hand, are cylindrical in shape, have smooth bodies and legs, and live in papery nests. Both types of insects call Vancouver home, but each of them requires different specific treatments to get rid of them. After you have determined that you are dealing with bees and not wasps, you will need to figure out if you have a swarm, foraging bees, or a colony.

Each type of bee requires specific technique

Each of these types of bee infestations requires a specific technique to eliminate the problem. Foraging bees are the least troublesome kind of bees – they are simply hunting for pollen and honey in your area and will more than likely move on soon. Bees that are swarming or that have formed a colony in or around your home can be more aggressive because they are defending themselves. If you happen to catch the colony in its beginning stages, you may be able to try a home remedy. But these are VERY RISKY and you might get stung.

Here are a few common things people try:

These home remedy methods of controlling a bee infestation are often dangerous. A beekeeping suit is required for the greatest amount of protection from bee stings. Ultimately, removing the bees’ nest is the most effective strategy to get rid of the bees for good.


Do not use chemicals on bees, many provinces have deemed this illegal and you may get into trouble.

The best way to guarantee that your bee infestation will be gone is to contact an experienced pest control professionals like Pesticon rather than resorting to risking your own safety. Oftentimes, calling a professional when you first discover an infestation can save you both time and money that you could have wasted on home “remedies” that may or may not work. At Pesticon, we pride ourselves on helping our Vancouver neighbors get rid of bees and other pests for good. If you live in the Vancouver area and have a bee problem, call us today for your free consultation. We’ll give you all the information you need to make the decision to exterminate the bees in your home, and if you choose to work with us, we’ll make sure the job is done right! We offer a 6-month guarantee on our work – if the pests come back, we come back!




Ants may be interested in entering your home because they are attracted to its warmth and the food that may be available in the house. The first thing you can do to get rid of ants is find out where they enter the property of yours so you can take adequate measures to make sure you eliminate this entry passage for them.




Bees are great creatures that help create honey for humans and pollinate flowers, among other great purposes they serve in nature. But if they infest your home and surrounding areas, they can become a huge problem, especially with children and people with allergies around.




You can put some pesticide powders outside your hours which will kill spiders who come in contact with it. For the inside of your home you can purchase an odourless spray. In order to get rid of the cobwebs there are special cobweb eliminators you can use — just put some on the webs and they will be gone in no time.




When it comes to cockroaches they can be pretty annoying and can really make your life miserable pretty fast. There is nothing like seeing a cockroach run through the dinner table or climb up the wall — it is just unsanitary and gross so here are a few tips for you if you have this problem.




The cat flea is the most common kind of flea in North America but dog fleas are also very much present in this area. First of all, you can mix Borax and salt to sprinkle over your carpet. You should also make sure your pet is fine and take them to the vet for a consultation while your home area should be treated by professionals.




Well, first of all, it always helps to research the subject well and see to it that you are using the right solution for your situation which in some cases can work well but requires professional help in others. First of all, it helps to locate the hornets’ nest and make sure you are not disturbing the nest without necessity as it can be dangerous.




First of all, you have to see how mice entered the home to find the root of the problem and eliminate it. Mice usually make their way into the places where humans live through small holes and cracks in the house. Before the extermination procedures begin you also need to indentify which pest you are




In some cases spiders are cut and nice and in others they can be a big problem — in case you have poisonous spiders, especially in the case of an infestation, the first thing to do is to call professional for emergency help to eliminate the chance of anyone getting hurt. For the inside of your home you can purchase an odourless spray.




When it comes to wasps they can be somewhat harmless and can just annoy you slightly from time to time. In other cases they can really mess with your peace of mind and can become a danger around young kids and domestic animals, as well as pets. In this case you have to know what measures to take to eliminate the problem once and for all.