Types of Ant that Can Infest Your Home

One of the most pervasive household insects is the infamous ant. Numerous species of ant can infiltrate your home and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the different kinds. While you won’t run into every species of ant, you will more than likely run into a few different kinds. Vancouver has a few species in particular that you will run into more often compared to other places.

Here is a list of some common types of ant that could try to colonize your home:

Carpenter Ant

The carpenter ant poses the greatest threat to your home in a very literal way. These rather large ants can be one inch long and are almost five times bigger than your generic ant. They are all black and can have a slightly red or yellow tint. They love to nest in moist and/or decaying wood in your home. Because of this tendency, they can inflict great amounts of structural damage to your home over time.

Pavement Ant

This is a fairly pedestrian species of ant that often builds nests under roads, sidewalks, and even building foundations. They are small and with a colour that ranges from black to pale brown. You may find them around your garage or even around your basement if your house has a concrete base. They are most attracted to homes in the winter months, which will lead to them crowding food and water sources in your home.

Pharaoh Ant

A pharaoh ant is originally a tropical species and, as such, it loves the warm, indoor climates of people’s Vancouver homes. It is another smallish ant that appears light brown or yellow and will look translucent. Their attraction to warm climates make them a notorious pest in any household.

Thief Ant

One of the more interesting breeds, the thief ant will steal food and eggs from other ant colonies. They tend to be light brown or yellow and look remarkably like pharaoh ants. Thief ants are resistant to most ant traps and insecticides and they are not drawn to sugar like most other ants. This along with their penchant for getting into food stores make these ants pests to be reckoned with.

Odorous Ant

Ever stepped on an ant and noticed it gave off a smell? That was probably an odorous ant. This dark brown or goldish brown ant species can give off an appalling scent despite its relatively small size. They can build rather large colonies and this only makes for a bigger nuisance. If you let them run rampant, the smell of them and their excrement can really taint the air of your home.

Fire Ant

Types of Ants We’ve all heard of fire ants. These reddish to black ants can be quite aggressive and are capable of stinging you. If this doesn’t sound unappealing enough, their sting can cause an allergic reaction in certain people, making them as much of a threat as wasps and bees. Even if you are budgeting, fire ants, like carpenter ants, are a case where it is absolutely worth hiring an exterminator as soon as possible.

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