Hornets, a dangerous invasion on your property

As spring comes to an end, it is time to enjoy the great outdoors with some barbeque in the backyard. How prepared are you for the uninvited guests though?


Summers are also Hornet season in Vancouver. And you’d want to ensure that you keep your children safe from their nasty stings. As the summer progresses, these insects become more aggressive and nesting takes off around residences.

What makes a hornet nest a recipe for potential disaster is that people are unaware of its existence until they stumble upon one. And a hornet defends its nest fiercely.

This is one of the reason why most experts recommend that you do not try to deal with hornet infestations on your own. The best remedy would be to call a professional Pest Control company who have the right expertise, skills and tools to tackle the problem.



Understanding your foe

Most people do not understand the difference between a hornet and a wasp. Hornets are larger than wasps in size and are characterized by their aggressive behavior, especially when they feel threatened.

There are two main types of Hornets.

Vespula, which nests in the ground and Dolichovespula, which build their nests above the ground.

The commonly seen Vespula species of hornets in Canada are the European, western, and common hornets.

The Dolichovespula species which you may encounter in or near your home are Norwegian, northern aerial, and bald-faced hornet.

Of all the hornet species, the Bald faced hornet, which in reality is a wasp, has a nasty reputation and is considered to be the kind that you’d want to avoid.

Every hornet nest has drones which are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the queen. If you make an attempt to disturb their nest or even accidentally come into contact with one, chances are that the drones will attack in full force.

Recently, a mayor from Quebec lost her life after she was stung almost 15 times in her garden when she accidentally stepped on a Hornet’s nest.

DIY methods

Most DIY methods should be attempted only on visible nests which are built above the ground. Even then, you must ensure that you maintain a safe distance

When to call the experts

If you are seeing an ever increasing number of hornets around your house and you cannot locate the nest, it is best left to the experts. Call a bug removal company in Vancouver immediately.

Hornets, a dangerous invasion on your property If you have located the nest but it’s a papery nest and you suspect that it may be a Yellow Jacket or a Bald Faced Hornet, then call a Pest Control Company straight away

Hornets are known to rebuild their nest in the same places. So, if you have attempted to clear off an infestation, but the hornets have returned, then it may demand a stronger technique to remove the nest and clear the hornets from your property.

A hornet infestation is something that you’d not want to risk tackling on your own. So call your local pest control company today.


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