Keeping offices free of pests


If you are a facility manager, then one of the key responsibilities that you are entrusted with, is to maintain the hygiene in the premises. And chances are, that you are making every attempt to make this possible.

But every now and then, you have a ‘blink and a miss’ sight of a roach escaping into the dark corners of the room. You are sure you saw a rodent’s tail under the table. But how could it be?

The answer may lie with the employees in the office.

Do they share your passion for cleanliness? Or are they, unknowingly opening the doors to crawly critters with their afternoon snacks?

Contrary to what you’d think, there is no lack of food supply in offices.

According to a study conducted by BBC in 2013, it was revealed that almost 53% of workers, eat lunch at their desks. This converts the workstation into a haven for crumbs of food. From the keyboard to the bins under the desk, there’s food everywhere.

Most large offices are buzzing around with activity during the day with employees going about their tasks. Come night time, the rodents take over the place.

And its not limited to rodents. Ants, roaches, mosquitoes and flies can not only make the workplace seem unsanitary, they can also contribute to disease, thereby reducing the productivity of a workforce.

Tackling the menace

Spring is upon us and it means that the critters resting in their hidden harborages are now going to emerge in more numbers than ever.

And the time is now to tackle this menace completely. It is recommended that you assign the task to a professional pest control company in Vancouver.

They make the task seem so much simpler than it actually is.

  • A professional from the company will schedule a meeting and visit the premises
  • A thorough evaluation of the premises will be conducted.
  • Signs of infestation will be noted.
  • Treatments, if necessary will be carried out
  • Any changes in the operational procedures or practices that can help mitigate the problem will be suggested.
  • Recurrent inspections will be conducted till the menace is eliminated completely.

Any facility manager has ample challenges to tackle. Rodents should not be one of those challenges keeping you up at night. Let the expert Pest control Vancouver companies handle the situation while you focus on your competencies.

Keeping the pests away

Keeping offices free of pests Introduce some common practices that will help to limit the food supply for pests in the work area.  Have a staff meeting and inform everybody about the potential problems caused by pests.

  • Employees should be asked to carry their snacks or lunch to the break room or even out of the premises, if time and weather permits.
  • If they like to have an occasional snack at their desk, ensure that it is kept in sealed containers or zip pouches.
  • Employees must be encouraged to clean up any leftover crumbs of food at their desk.
  • Floors must be swept regularly. Carpets must be vacuumed.
  • Any clutter should be removed immediately.
  • If any of the areas have a persistent moisture problem that should be rectified immediately.
  • Identify any cracks or crevices that may be used by pests to gain access to the premises and fill it with caulk.

You should speak to a local pest removal company in Vancouver to keep your office premises free of unwanted invaders.

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