The Best Odours That Control Rats in Vancouver

If you have rats infestation at home, it will cause a lot of trouble for you. We know that nobody likes rats as they are very filthy pests. It is absolutely disgusting to see their droppings everywhere, and also, they urinate in different places.

You must keep the rodents away from your house as they can pose a threat to your health and the health of your family. When you face rat infestation at your house, you have to take immediate action to get rid of them. For this purpose, you could call a pest control company in Vancouver.

One of the solutions you can try yourself is finding out the smells they dislike to repel these tiny critters.

Rats have a great sense of smell. So that means we can use this as an advantage to deter them because there are certain smells that rats don’t like. They feel like these smells are threatening and avoid them at all costs.

So what are those odours that the rats don’t like? Well, there are certain chemical smells which the rats hate and some other odours as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you can completely get rid of them with these smells. For the best eradication of the rats, you have to contact pest control in Vancouver.

Odours that will deter rats in your home

There are three types of odours that the rats dislike: Natural smells, Chemical smells, and predator smells. Apart from using these smells, you should also ensure the cleanliness of your house and sealing the gaps in the walls.

Natural Smell

Although it is not as strong as the other two odours for repelling the rats, some of the natural smells are:

1- Peppermint oil: We all like the smell of peppermint. But the good news is that the rats don’t like this smell. According to one of the studies, rats do not spend much time in places that smell of peppermint.

2- Chilli powder: Chilli powder works by irritating the nasal passage of the rats when they inhale it. As a result, the rats wouldn’t return to the place where they inhaled it.

3- Eucalyptus: Rats find the smell of the eucalyptus oil offensive. Therefore, it will stop them from nesting, feeding, or living in your home.

Chemical Smell 

You can get rodenticides from the stores, which are effective in killing or repelling the rats. But the disadvantage of using them is that it is harmful to pets and humans as well. So be careful whenever you are using these. Read the label for any particular precaution that needs to be taken.

Three chemical odours that mice don’t like:

  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Mothballs

Predator smell

Rats don’t like the smell of the predator at all. If they smell a cat or raccoon nearby, then the rats won’t come to that place. The rats get scared from their smells.


Suppose you are dealing with the problem of rats in your house. Make sure that you apply these techniques to get rid of them as soon as possible. They could spread different types of diseases. You can call the pest control technicians for the mice control in Vancouver.

Contact us now to eliminate the pests from your house.

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